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Creating Waves of Awareness

In the state of stillness in meditation one finds everything to be complete. It is the human mind which makes things complicated. It is the human emotion which feels fear. It is the physical body which writes our its complications and fears.

People need to relax. Homeopathy is like a plant which will bloom at the right time in the psyche of mankind like does fruit in the right season.

Homoeopathy is a flower and its leaves are contracting. It feels stress because it is growing in the same way a muscle feels worn when working.

On every level, plant, physical, emotional, mental and beyond there is a larger process not as a single planet but as if the planet was an apple on a tree which is a single strand within one organism.

The Universe.

There is no stress, chaos or evolution within this apple which does not contribute to the hole.
The darkest hours are always before dawn.

The cockerel is waking!

Do some Yoga, do some spiritual practice, connect with the larger organism.

Stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life as in an allopathic fashion. That is to say looking at events as if they were singular, disconnected and not part of a hole.

I repeat:
The world is an apple.

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Unequivocally indeed.

That must be Einstein..
No idea.
Initially I thought SHE is Ms. Thatcher but she is actually not.
From the inscription below the image it is evident that she may be from Netherland.
Fantastic typographical image.
I know it is fantastic Debby, but you didn't mention- How did it fit with our discussion?

Ha Ha
Dear Dr.Dutta,

it boils down to one thing "PERCEPTION"

isn't it great everyone perceives the same thing in different ways, that is what diversity means, but when some follows their perceived ideas beyond limit, that's the beginning of arguments.

The golden rule that everyone has to follow is "Agree to disagree" and move on.

Things will be better.

Alex: I liked the way you have put your point across, many thanks.


self-evident. Where are you getting all these cutzy images?


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