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Creating Waves of Awareness

In the state of stillness in meditation one finds everything to be complete. It is the human mind which makes things complicated. It is the human emotion which feels fear. It is the physical body which writes our its complications and fears.

People need to relax. Homeopathy is like a plant which will bloom at the right time in the psyche of mankind like does fruit in the right season.

Homoeopathy is a flower and its leaves are contracting. It feels stress because it is growing in the same way a muscle feels worn when working.

On every level, plant, physical, emotional, mental and beyond there is a larger process not as a single planet but as if the planet was an apple on a tree which is a single strand within one organism.

The Universe.

There is no stress, chaos or evolution within this apple which does not contribute to the hole.
The darkest hours are always before dawn.

The cockerel is waking!

Do some Yoga, do some spiritual practice, connect with the larger organism.

Stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life as in an allopathic fashion. That is to say looking at events as if they were singular, disconnected and not part of a hole.

I repeat:
The world is an apple.

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Hmm. The Big Apple! Like New York City. Bustling and busy. Cosmopolitan. Many languages. Mixing of cultures, sites, sounds, tastes. Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple strudel, candied apples, caramel apples dipped in sprinkles, apple pound cake, sliced apples with peanut butter, apples dipped in chocolate. We are each a slice or sliver of juicy fruit with our own complexion. Let's mix it up with some sugar and spices and have a party.
The cuckoo is a nice bird too. --
Hoo--hoo. The owl is my favorite at night. Who cooks for you?

hehe that picture is uber
yeah i agree with you.A Homoeopath needs to view life in a different way.only if a Homoeopath has a strong spiritual background he/she can do wonders in clinical practice.
Alexander Begg posted:"Stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life as in an allopathic fashion. That is to say looking at events as if they were singular, disconnected and not part of a hole"
My reply: Hmmmm? Look at life in an allopathic fashion? Is like going backwards in our intelligence as I consider the Allopathic thinking as tunnel vision/clouded by propaganda rhetoric. We are connected as a WHOLE to everyone,to the cosmos,you cannot seperate this,even if you desire.Spirituality has also nothing to do with homeopathy it is a science,not a religion.
Dear Gina,

Thankyou for your reply. We are connected to everyone indeed. Even allopaths! :) Nothing goes through the evolutionary process without direct benefit to the whole. Not allopathy, no a single drop of water. So everyone is like an apple.

My point is that I get impression the attitudes people harbour towards Allopathy are no different than Allopathic principles. Which is worse? Is one not the mirror of the other?

Things like sending out lots of information to "suppress" / "over power" instead of "working with" on a "similar level".

Everyone is guilty of this from time to time. Even me. Its part of being human. But we can exercise control. Instead of "working on the similar resonance" towards an idea or a person we can work "opposite" to it.

The attitude I see towards Allopathy often tries to resolve it in a 180 degree attitude towards it. Really we should be on the same degree and looking down the same telescope but with our homeopathic goggles.

Why cant the attitude towards Allopathy be Homeopathic?

Wouldnt that be a more effective way?

So I repeat - people are homeopaths, but their behaviours, actions, thoughts and intentions are infact reflecting allopathic principles.

Immanuel Kant stated "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."

Thereby why should we act towards healing a single patient with the maxims of homeopathic priciples but look towards the rest of the world, ideas, and so forth - in an allopathic manner. It is not consistent.

So I say "stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life in an allopathic fashion"
and that means - being a homeopath you can also look at life in a homeopathic fashion.

Dear Alex,

Sorry, I couldn't follow your post.
Please explain- “... Stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life as in an allopathic fashion....” !!!
Dear Dr.Dutta!

Thank you for your reply sir.

I appreciate your concern.

I think the above reply should help.
The additional explanation is as follows.

People can be homeopaths. They can practice Homeopathy.
But the views they can harbour towards other people, things and ideas can be allopathic.

Think of it in terms of principle only.

I am not sure what examples of allopathic thinking this may conjure for you. But people might commit to allopathic thinking in their ordinary lives whereby their intentions are inimical to the principles of suppressing, concealing and destroying.

For example lets say you have a Homeopath who looks at the whole picture of a patients life but when the homeopath has finished working they ridicule and criticise and judge another person because of one aspect of their personality - i..e bad humour. Thus they are sending a message out to the world opposite from their line of work!

Another example of allopathic thinking is focusing on the problem, suppressing the problem. Focusing on the symptoms, suppressing the symptoms. People do this with their everyday dealings!

People also focus on problems in real life - why continually try to focus on problems and suppress them - why not look at it Homeopathically? Looking at the bigger picture always helps anyway!

Is one a homeopath if they practice homeopathy but give in to allopathic thinking the rest of the time?

What about if one practices homeopathy but also thinks homeopathically towards everything they do.

Our remedies are potentized.
Our minds and thoughts projecting homoeopathy is a wavelength/vibration too! A very powerful one many old wise men would say!

Surely that would be amplifying Homoeopathy even more.

“... Stop being a homeopath but actually looking at life as in an allopathic fashion....” !!!
Be a homoeopath and start looking at life in a homoeopathic fashion!
Not just think about things Homeopathically

But feel things Homeopathically.

People can "feel" homeopathic but "think" allopathic
People can "think" homeopathic but "feel" allopathic.

I hope this makes things clear.
In the end its about what we want to attract.. Homeopathy!

Dear Alex,

So, this is it-

“Be a Homoeopath with Homoeopathic attitude towards life and don't be a so called Homoeopath with Allopathic vision”

Thank you Alex. You've hit the bull's eye.

Sorry to say I got you wrong.

Your post reminds me about Boger, Cyrus Maxwell Boger-
his thinking about- “Evolution Of The Cause”- Go beyond the cause- don't give importance to the cause your patient has told you, but give an overview of the whole and try to interpret what the actual cause may be.

A little one may come to you for the treatment of her high fever and you are told by her parents that their daughter had an exposure to heavy rain a couple of days ago. That exciting factor may ellude us and sometimes prevent us to go beyond the cause. But if one gives an overall view towards the case, then he may fathom the actual cause of her suffering. Sneha (name of the patient) is much more attached to her father emotionally, than her mother. Just one day back when her father returned to home in the evening with a huge load of official works to do and a great stress in his mind, his daughter came to him and insists him to play with her. As because he was busy enough, he rebuked her in a loud & harsh way, of which she never experienced before! From the next morning she developed fever with other symptoms............ Her parents did not pay much attention towards this incidence. So, they did not tell me about it initially.

Actually it was a case of mine and for her I prescribed Aconitum Nap 1 M, one dose. It was really like a magic, A Real Magic!

Sneha came to my clinic with her parents next morning with a big smile in her face and a bouquet of flower for me..........
That is a WONDERFUL story. That is the BEAUTY & Magic of Homeopathy! Very well explained.
I learn alot from you Dr.Dutta. Speaking of a flowers It is very easy to get lost and tangled in the numerous roots of the situation when one needs to get to the stalk of the situation.

Indeed we often overlook the whole and some small events which may be the real aetiology. We get so caught up in "what happened" as if it is a single event whereby experience is actually a continuous flow and we need to acknowledge as much of that flow as possible.
It is not a sequence it is a rhythm.

The patient is not a pond.. they are not a lake. They are like a river.
The flow of the river, the streams, and how they connect to other river banks - the dynamics of who is around them and how the ebb and flow of the tides are between the streams.

I am glad you understand. When I read your message I thought "gosh what have I written - but then I remembered..." Well done you have summed up everything I have said in one sentence...! :op

Now a famous quote.. hehe

“Be a Homoeopath with Homoeopathic attitude towards life and don't be a so called Homoeopath with Allopathic vision” Dr.Dutta :]
Dear Alex,

Only a Bird's eye view can lead us to the actual fact!

Ha Ha .............. M I R A N D A oops! A R I N D A M


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