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Sternutation (Sneezing) and Homoeopathy




Sneezing is a sudden, forceful, involuntary burst of air through the nose and/or mouth.



Sneezing is caused by irritation to the mucous membranes of the nose or throat, can be very bothersome but is generally not a sign of a serious problem.

Common Causes

·        Allergy to pollen, mold, dander, dust (allergy or hay fever)

·        Virus infections (common cold, upper respiratory tract infections)

·        Opiate withdrawal

·        Corticosteroid inhalation



The most effective means of controlling sneezing caused by allergic diseases is avoiding exposure to the offending allergen (Removal of Causa Occasionalis).

Some suggestions to minimize exposure include:

·        Removing pets from the home to avoid animal dander

·        Changing furnace filters

·        Using air filtration devices to minimize the concentration of airborne pollens

·        Traveling to areas with low pollen counts during the critical periods

·        Even changing residence to eliminate a mold spore problem may be necessary.

For sneezing not caused by an allergy, the problem will disappear when the underlying disorder is cured.



Homoeopathic Therapeutics


Aconitum nap                                          Anxiety, fear. Sudden onsets. Fevers; sneezing; dry, swollen tonsils.

Allium cepa                                     Hay fever; burning eyes and mouth; inflammation; mucous secretions.

Arsenicum alb                                         Anxiety. Fear of being left alone. Cold sweats, difficult breathing.

Ambrosia artem                                     Hay fever.

Apis mel                                                    Rashes; pain in forehead and temples; difficult breathing; itching


Belladonna                                               Headache; sore throat; inflamed ears.

Borax                                                         Easily frightened and startled. Nausea. Vomiting. Chest pains. Sneezing.

Carbo veg                                                 Irresolution. Easily frightened. Tension in the head. Timid about

                                                       appearing in public. Frequent spells of sneeze.

Causticum                                                Fear at night. Difficult breathing when talking. Fears dying.

Eupatorium perf                                     Influenza; fever; diarrhoea; headache.

Euphrasia off                                          Sneezing; runny nose.

Gelsemium                                               Sneezing; headache; fever. Influenza; chills.

Grass Pollen Mix                            Hay fever.

Hydrastis                                                  Sore throat; headache; running nose; sneezing; cough.

Lachesis                                                   Cough; hoarse; nausea; vomiting.

Natrum mur                                             Numbness and tingling sensations. Feeling of faintness in crowds.

                                                       Coryza begins with sneeze.

Nux vomica                                              Soothes and calms.

Phosphorus                                            Congestion in lungs.

Sabadilla                                                   Conjunctivitis; headache. Sneezing.

Sepia                                                          Sneezing with difficult breathing when excited.

Thuja                                                          Soul and body feel separated.

Valeriana                                                   For nervous affections when apparently well chosen remedies fail.



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(source : Tyler, M. L. : Pointers to the common remedies.)

Easily chilled : 
Ars., Bry., Hep., Merc., Nat m., Nux, Phos., Puls. 
COLD. Worse cold air 
: All. c., Ars., Dulc., Hep., Nux, Phos. 
COLD. Worse cold dry weather
: Acon., Bry., Hep., Nux, Caust. 
COLD. Worse cold wet 
: Calc., Dulc., Rhus, Nat s. 
COLD. Worse inhaling cold air
: All. c., Hep., Phos., Rumex. 
COLD. Worse draught 
: Ars., Bell., Hep., Nat c., Nux, Sul., Dulc., Merc
WET. Worse wet 
Calc., Dulc., Kali iod., Merc., Rhus, Puls., Sul. 
WET. Worse warm wet
: Gels., Carbo v. 
WET. Better warm wet
: Hep. 
Warm room. Worse 
: Puls., Tub., All. c., Merc., Nux (more fluent). 
Warm room, Worse entering 
: Bry. 
Open air. Worse :
Nux, Nat m., Phos., Bry., Hep. 
Open air. Better :
All. c., Puls., Acon. (See Ars., Dulc.) 
Uncovering head. Worse 
: Hep., Nat m. 
Much sneezing :
All. c., Dulc., Hep., Ipec., Kali iod., Merc., Nat m., Phos., Rhus, Sul. 
Catarrh. Copious :
All. c., Ars., Kali iod., Nat m. 
Catarrh. Fluent :
Acon., All. c., Ars., Nat c., Hep., Nux. 
Catarrh. Fluent in warmth
Dulc., Sul. 
Catarrh. Fluent alt. dry 
: Ars., Nat m., Nux, Phos., Puls., Sul. 
Dry coryza 
: Bell., Bry., Nux 
(early), Dulc.
(in cold air), Kali bich

Nose stopped : 
Nux, Dulc., Puls., Rhus, Ipec., Carbo v. 
With lachrymation 
: All. c., Bry., Euphr
. (acrid tears), Kali iod. 
Discharge acrid :
All. c., Ars., Gels., Kali iod., Merc., Nux, Sul. 
Discharge bland 
: Euphr., Puls. 
Discharge bland with acrid lachrymation :
Discharge offensive 
: Hep., Merc., Calc., Kali bich., Nat c., Puls. 
Discharge crusts 
: Calc., Kali bich., Phos., Tub. 
Discharge greenish
: Kali bich., Kali iod., Merc., Puls. 
Discharge purulent 
: Calc., Hep., Kali bich., Kali iod., Merc., Phos., Puls., Tub. 
Discharge blows out blood :
All. c., Ars., Bell., Hep., Phos., Puls. 
With chilliness 
Nux, Ars., Gels., Merc., Rhus, Calc., Bry., Phos. 
With chills :
Nux, Gels., Ipec. 
With shivering
: Kali iod., Ipec., Bry., Nux, Rhus. 
Alternate heat and chill 
: Kali iod. 
Sweating. Better from
: Nat c., Kali iod. 
      Worse from, or not better :
      Hep., Merc. 
      With nausea
    : Ipec., Ant tart. 
Cold travels down 
: Bry., Ipec., Carbo v., Ars., etc. 
Hoarseness : 
Bell., Phos., etc. 
Begins in chest and goes up 
: Phos. 
Frontal sinuses affected 
: Merc., Kali iod., Ars., Lyc., Sil. 
Larynx affected 
: Acon., All. c., Bell., Bry., Carbo v., Euphr., Hep., Merc., Nat m., Phos., Rhus. 
With pain in head from sneezing or coughing
: Bry., Nat m., Phos. 
With pain in abdomen, from sneezing or coughing
: Bry., Dros. 
With sore throat :
Merc., Nux, 
Thanks Dr. Saraswat.


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