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Stem cell therapy is being used for various diseases   specially for knee. shoulder and other problems of back,

I t has gained a lot of praise in Europe, but in USA it seems to be getting popular'

My request to the community is to shed light if this therapy can be used for homeopathic work by converting stem cell into a standard homeopathic medicine /sarcode,for general use,

It is something to be explored by the Homeopathic industry, specially in India, Cuba, South America,and the western world.

Your input will be appreciated, both in favor and against,

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Yes, stem cell technology can be utilized by Homeopathic industry because the process of extraction of the plants' active agents for dosimetry purposes is similar to making the homeopathic remedies.

Stem Cell agents extraction would highly improve the Homeopathic remedies' effects.

I have the remedy both from dilution and trituration! I made it myself. It has an immediate effect of activation in the system. I haven't been able to confirm what it's specific action is. I am happy to send it to anyone wanting to research it.

Dear Jana,

It is very interesting.

I would like to know the source of stem cell, and want to know the potency too.

Thank you for your answer: Ferenc

Yes Jana, please share your experience for the good of humanity

I am sorry for the lapse in response, I wasn't notified there was a conversation. I don't have much to report since I have been taken up with  my own bodily issues. The source is umbilical, although I also have some embryonic stem cells I mad a remedy of later. I haven't done a proving of either. If anyone wants them I am happy to send them. I have them in a 4c and a 6c

The studies to include stem cell remedies in homeopathy are being done but the depth required looks far away. A link on this is
Obviously this required great funding and only big Homeo Pharmaceutical companies can play a role.

Very thoughtful subject, specially for Homeopathy.You are right, it requires "FUNDING", which for homeopathy is a "rare commodity".

Homeopathic pharmaceutical industry throughout the world are shy of investing in research, India does some good work on this subject as the Modi govt is very pro Homeopathy, i don,t know much about South America where Homeopathy is known also.It all boils down to one thing, finance.   


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