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Starstruck – The Constitutional Homeopathic Treatment Of Celebrity Patients

While not exclusively a “doctor to the stars” by any means, I have certainly treated more than my fair share of celebrity patients with constitutional homeopathy.

Such celebrity patients can leave a doctor starstruck.


And vulnerable.


And, as doctors, we are not allowed to be vulnerable.


Of course, we are not just doctors.


We are people.


I am most certainly human.

A flawed human who has made mistakes.

And who will no doubt make additional mistakes in the future.


From the moment that I accept someone as a patient, however, none of my personal vulnerabilities matter.


The patient must be assumed to be completely vulnerable, and I, as their doctor, to be in a position of power.


The patient’s age, maturity, wealth, professional achievement, power in the world, and even fame - all these are immaterial.


If the patient is an acquaintance, and we cannot allow our personal history to affect our treatment.


If the patient is a celebrity, and we cannot allow ourselves to be starstruck by their fame.


Of course, doctors have vulnerabilities


But, as doctors, we must recognize our own vulnerabilities.


And ensure those vulnerabilities are appropriately addressed, treated, and healed.

"Doctor, heal thyself".


More accurately, as we can’t see our own blind spots ...


... ummm ...

(clears throat, takes deep breath)

"Doctor, get thee a trusted and respected fellow healer or physician to heal thyself!"



Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.


But  truth isn't a soundbite.

So I'm sticking with it!

In health,



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Dear Andy - Thank you for sharing your thoughts on caring for patients. The physician, naturopath, homeopath or healer is not invulnerable. No doctor will provide a guarantee, certainly not one hundred percent, that the problem will simply disappear. Especially not without side effects, if we are talking about a conventional MD who will prescribe drugs. 

My own health providers are not allowed to visit my home for a friendly view of my garden or accept gifts. No special favors. 

We remain on a professional level; but, I do not think a healer is a 'higher' human being or stands on a hierarchy of dominance over the patient. The best care, in my humble opinion, is a discussion of the facts and approaches available for care in each person's situation. 

Others may have their own opinions. Blessings, Debby


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