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"This remedy has very peculiar symptom, which appeared in the proving, and which I have verified, viz, "Burning in the urethra not urinating" While urinating the burning ceased. We have plenty of remedies for burning before, during and after urination, but Staphysagria is the only one having this burning all the time between the acts of urinating." ~ E.B NASH

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Unfortunately, we often miss such peculiar symptoms. In other words, we fail to interpret the patient's language in terms of materia medica language. This is the main reason for our failure!
Yes Dr. Rafeeque Sir, You are correct. success of Homoeopath may be considered "How he translate the patents' language into terms of materia medica?"

Dear members

Nash was not aware of a number of remedies known to us having burning in urethra between the acts of urinating.

staph, Coloc, Canth, Nux-v, Puls,come to mind straight away, but also hep, thuj, Nat-m. --

And Staph has burning durin urination as well in a marked fashion.

Nash, as so many others was a theoretic, but not a bad one --- in spots.

Dear Dr. Hans.
If you do please give references for your comment it will become very useful.

G.H.G Jahr: Symptomen Kodex 1846

Hahnemann: Reine Arzneimittellehre + chronische Krankheiten(1839)

Thank you for given information. 

I Just reproduce what Dr. E.B. Nash said.


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