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Homeopathy has quite a few medicines made from spiders, such as Latrodectus Mactans, Tarentula cubensis, Tarentula Hispana, Trombidium and a few others. Homeopaths have garnished many symptoms that lead us to select this remedy as a healing agent. 

They have been used very successfully by homeopaths when symptoms have matched and some have found useful in autoimmune disease and in contagious disease such as Dengue

I once treated one girl who had come to my clinic in Karachi many years ago, whose mother brought her for a very particular reason. She was fond of dancing so much that she would lock herself in her room, put on the music and dance till she got tired out. The mother told me to help her with this "sickness" as she would not get a husband in her community with this "mania."

I told her that i will try and that she should come the following week. I had observed the girl and asked her some questions and based on her answers I found that Tarentula Hispania was her medicine.

The following week, she came with her brother. I prescribed Tarentula Hispana and they went away. After that she did not come back to the clinic again.

Many years later, by chance, I met the brother and when I inquired about her sister, he said that the medicine I had given changed her sister and she did get married there after.


I remembered this incident when I read the following news about the discovery of a new species of spider which i would like to share with our members. May be some day this could also lead to another Spider Remedy; Now read on


Dawn | A team of amateur cave explorers and arachnologists has found a new family, genus and species of spiders in caves and old-growth redwood forests in Oregon and California.

The Trogloraptoridae family contains this spider, Trogloraptor or "cave robber," named after its two special features. This spider lives in a cave environment and has elongated claws, as show above.

Four centimeters in length, the Trogloraptor spider hangs beneath rudimentary webs under cave ceilings and appears to catch its prey with the specialized claws. Scientists will endeavor to track the evolutionary history of this species. We'll be learning more about these most likely on the Discovery Channel and other mystery nature shows. 

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There are a growing number of medicines made from arachnids in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia. They include: Androctonos and Buthus australis (scorpion), Aranea diadema (papal-cross spider), Aranea ixobola (cross spider), Aranea scinenencia (grey spider), Atrax robusta (trap-door spider), Latrodectus hasseltii (redback spider), Latrodectus katipo (New Zealand spider), Latrodectus mactans (black widow), Loxosceles reclusa (brown recluse) , Mygale (black Cuban spider), Tarentula cubensis (Cuban spider), Tarentula hispanica (tarantula), Tegenaria domestica (common house spider), Tela arnaea (spider web), Theridion (orange spider). 


The general characteristics of individuals needing spider medicines are as follows: 

  • sensitivity to vibrations, noise, music
  • busyness
  • cunningness, conniving, and deceit
  • isolation
  • movement, jumping, climbing, hiding, dancing
  • activity of the hands
  • jealousy, revenge
  • hurriedness as if time is passing quickly
  • teasing, trickery, flattery
  • feeling of being small, powerless, weak
  • often a fear of or fascination for spiders
  • issues of being trapped or caught
  • fear of death
  • attractiveness, heightened sexuality
  • issues of female dominance

Nice article Dr. Wequar ali khan, and excellent addition Dr. Bidani

Thank you both,after all we on HWC have the pleasure of sharing our experiences and in a congenial atmosphere away from the world of politics;;;;


You made my day, Navneet and Vikas. Thanks for visiting HWC.


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