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Space occupying lesions and Homoeopathy

Synonyms: SOL



Space occupying lesions of the Brain are a group of heterogenous disorders of various etiologies, which may have a common mode of presentation.


Brain tumor (the leading cause)-  aeth. apom. arn. aur-i. Bar-c. bell. calc. cham. Con. glon. graph. hydr. Kali-i. Plb. PLB-I. sep. staph. sulph. Thuj. zinc-s.

Others are-

Tuberculoma- Apis Bac. bell. bry. calc. Calc-p. cocc. Cupr-cy. dig. glon. Hell. hyos. iod. Iodof. kali-i. op. stram. Sulph. tub. Verat-v. zinc. zinc-o.

Fungal granuloma- ant-t. ars. BELL. calc. carb-v. cham. CON. iod. Kreos. LACH. Merc. nux-v. phos. rhus-t. SIL. sulph.

Brain abscess- arn. bell. crot-h. iod. lach. merc-pr-r. op. staphycoc. vip.

Neurocysticercosis- Anth. ars. art-v. asaf. bar-m. Bell. Cham. Cic. CINA cupr. cupr-o. Hyos. Ign. Indg. kali-br. kali-c. Nux-v. petr. plat. sabad. Santin. sil. spig. Stann. stram. sulph. tanac. Ter.

Clinical Presentation

It depends on size, location, -----

For complete article, pl. see the attached pdf file......

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Congratulations on a most thorough investigation into SOL. Fascinating. It appears that SOL may lead to compression and distortion of the brain tissue that is held within the skull. Tumor growth can be rapid or slow. The rise in pressure affects adjacent tissue and can have fatal consequences. Homeopaths have a perspective of noticing minute changes in a person's temperament, emotions, ability to function and pain types. [See Pain article] Can the patient be helped early in this disease?
Thanks Dear Debby. You are most welcome. I shall go through the pain article shortly. Regards...
SOL are frequently cured. I shall publish a cured case of Pituitary adenoma and Neurocysticercosis very soon.

One case in this respect already published. Pl. see the link----   Empty sella cured-----Case of Empty Sella

One more case already published in this field---- Neurocysticercosis cured------

Case of Empty Sella Cured With Homoeopathy

One more case already published--- Pituitary macroadenoma with galactorrhoea cured----

Cured Case of Pituitary Macroadenoma with Galactorrhoea

Very good article. A large fraction of Homoeopathic community was unaware of it....

Ruta is not there.I do not know how he selected Ruta.


Wonderful, I did'nt find Ruta anywhere.


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