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Somniloquy for sleep talking or talking in your sleep

Share the relevant rubric for this in our repertories.Thank you.

I can't find the relevant rubric in our texts.

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In Kent's Repertory, it's in the Mind section under "Talking" or, more specifically, "Talking, sleep, in." In my book it is on p. 86.

 I hope these will be of some help, Boericke O., Repertory - NERVOUS SYSTEM - Sleep - Walking, during: art v, bry, kali bro, paeon, silicea.
  CD : Mind; somnambulism:
ACON AGAR allox alum alum-sil ambr ANAC ant-c arg ART-V aur-ar aur-br aur-m-n bell BRY calc camph CANN-I carc cath-a cham chap chel chlol cic croc crot-h cur cycl des-ac DICT dpt gaert guare hell hipp hyos hyper ign KALI-BR kali-c kali-p kali-s kalm kola lach lap-a luna lyc lyss M-ARCT m-art mag-m meph merc mosch NAT-M nit-ac NUX-M OP paeon PETR PHOS plat podo psor rheum rumx sep SIL sol-t spig SPONG stann STRAM SULPH TARENT tein teucr tub verat x-ray ZINC

Phatak S. R., Concise Repertory - T - Talks - sleep, in : bell, Kali carb, ars, baryta carb, puls pyrog sil, sulph.
 Mind; talk, talking, talks; sleep; during:
acon ail ALUM alum-p alum-sil am-c AMBR ANAC ANT-T APIS arg-n ARN ARS aur bac BAR-ACET BAR-C bar-m bar-s BELL both-a brach bry bufo CACT CALC calx-b camph CANN-I caras CARB-AN carb-v carbn-s carc cast cath-a caust CHAM chap CINA cinnb coff com con cortico cub cupr dig diph elaps emer eryth GELS GRAPH haliae-lc HELL herin HYOS hyper IGN indg kali-ar kali-bi KALI-C kali-chl kali-p kali-s kali-sil KALM kola LAC-C lac-v-f LACH lava-f LED lsd LYC m-art m-aust MAG-C MAG-M MERC methyl-p-h MUR-AC nat-c nat-hchls NAT-M nit-ac nux-m NUX-V OP PH-AC PHOS PLB PLB-ACET plect podo psor PULS pyrog raph RHEUM RHUS-T ros-g SABIN sel SEP SIL spig SPONG STANN STRAM stry SULPH THUJ TUB verat ZINC zinc-p ziz..Source Cd


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