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Hi everyone,

I am going to Lamma Island, Hong Kong, where there are a great many venomous snakes. What do you recommend for treating snake bites?

Thank you,


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That dude is CERTIFIABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Gary! I go to the Amazon- frequently. If I get hit by a Bushmaster- please find the Anti-Venom-- like FAST. Its called the 2-step Viper!
Ammonia carb, is one of the medicine, Nearest to the toxic effect of snake bite

He is just looking to take a photograph?
The natives are smiling.
How does one walk away without getting a snake bite?
Perhaps he had just eaten.
Dear Dr
Bites of venomous snakes Cendron is very good remedy
Thank you for your responses, everyone. I'm sorry I abandoned this thread; I suddenly got very busy. Debby, thank you for the video. It's great to finally see the bushmaster in action. :)

Dr. Khan and Dr. Asokkumar, thank you for those recommendations.

I have a book called The World Traveller's Manual of Homeopathy by Dr. Colin B. Lessell. Is anyone familiar with this book or this homeopath?

In it he gives some recommendations for snake bites:

1. Cleaning the wound with an antiseptic such as rose water (triple).

2. Tight bandaging and immobilization of the limb to limit the spread of the venom.

3. Aconite 30 or Bach Rescue Remedy for anxiety.

4. Ledum 30 to restrict dispersion of venom.

5. A few minutes after the above two remedies Toxicaserpentium appropriate to the region.

6. In cases of collapse, carbo vegetabilis 30 and the Toxicaserpentium appropriate to the region.

Do you think this is sound advice?

Is it a good idea to give three different remedies or even two different remedies in rapid succession like that?

About Toxicaserpentium, 1) is it homeopathic if the venom of the snake that bit you is in the formula? and 2) when I looked I could only find one Toxicaserpentium rather than the several different formulations Lessell lists for various regions.

The recommendation for Ledum to restrict dispersion of the venom sounds interesting; what do you think about that?

Dear David, Memebers:

Taken from "How could coexist Conventional Medicine and Homeopathy":

III.-Poisons (i.e. bites of venenous animals, intoxications by known chemical substances), : These cases should not be viewed as dynamic diseases, therefore they must be treated with the antidote from conventional medicine and / or supportive measures such as dialysis, antibodies filtration and some immunoglobulin used in immunology for blocking of certain toxins.

Please!, take de best advice here....from Dr Robert Bruck. USE THE ANTI-VENOM.

In México Anti-Venom is called ANTIVIPMYN....If you go to not go alone. It is required to be administered intravenously and diluted.

With very best wishes
Guillermo, thank you very much; I think that is sound advice. I agree with you and Dr. Bruck about that. For myself, I would not use homeopathics in the acute phase of a snake bite if the anti-venom were available. For that reason, I think it is important to learn what types of venomous snakes are in your area so you can get the right anti-venom. Isn't that important?

In the meantime, aconite for the shock or anxiety associated with a bite seems to make sense, as I imagine it would be kind of a shock. And I also wonder if, taken in addition to the anti-venom, whether there is a homeopathic to mitigate the dispersal of the venom or mitigate its effects.

Of course there is still the question about the best option if the anti-venom isn't available.

Thanks again,

Hi David,
you may have a look at the remedies listed in the rubric

Generalities, wounds, bites, poisonous animals, of

Echinacea, Ledum, Lachesis, Ars, Apis, Am-c are remedies worth taking with you. Echinacea in mother tincture is a good remedy (besides Calendula, but "stronger") for cleaning the wound to prevent sepsis etc.

We do not have poisonous snakes here in Germany but I remember reading cases which have responded well and tremendously fast to homeopathic remedies, like Lachesis.
An case example you can read here:

As for the point of not being a dynamic disease I partially disagree with Guillermo. As an "accident" caused by external causes it may not be dynamic in the first place, but Hahnemann also wrote that any injury of greater extent always involves the whole economy - minor affection which do not involve the whole economy do not need any treatment at all, the body will take care of it by himself.

So in these cases in which the whole economy is involved, as you will see by the mental, emotional and physical symptoms arising right after the snake bite, and which can "obviously" not be explained by the bite, in these cases is it always appropriate to administer homeopathic remedies ! The indicated remedy will help your body to heal the wound and drain the poison, to prevent inflammation, sepsis and gangrene etc.

And may be its best to take your constitutional remedy before to strengthen your defense mechanism in general and lessen your fear (animals can feel it).

Enjoy your stay in Lamma Island !

Greetings from Germany,

P.S. For those interested into Hahnemann's original statement I refer to § 186 Organon 6th edition:

Those so-called local maladies which have been produced a short time previously, solely by an external lesion, still appear at first sight to deserve the name of local disease. But then the lesion must be very trivial, and in that case it would be of no great moment. For in the case of injuries accruing to the body from without, if they be at all severe, the whole living organism sympathizes; there occur fever, etc. The treatment of such diseases is relegated to surgery; but this is right only in so far as the affected parts require mechanical aid, whereby the external obstacles to the cure, which can only be expected to take place by the agency of the vital force, may be removed by mechanical means, e.g., by the reduction of dislocations, by needles and bandages to bring together the lips of wounds, by mechanical pressure to still the flow of blood from open arteries, by the extraction of foreign bodies that have penetrated into the living parts, by making an opening into a cavity of the body in order to remove an irritating substance or to procure the evacuation of effusions or collections of fluids, by bringing into apposition the broken extremities of a fractured bone and retaining them in exact contact by an appropriate bandage, etc. But when in such injuries the whole living organism requires, as it always does, active dynamic aid to put it in a position to accomplish the work of healing, e.g. when the violent fever resulting from extensive contusions, lacerated muscles, tendons and blood-vessels requires to be removed by medicine given internally, or when the external pain of scalded or burnt parts needs to be homoeopathically subdued, then the services of the dynamic physician and his helpful homoeopathy come into requisition.


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