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Patient: A 36 years old lady.

First consultation: 31st October, 2016.

History of the case:

  • She is an old patient who visiting Dr. Mamgain since September, 2015 for some complaints in which she was finding good response.
  • In the night of 30th October, 2016 she felt severe pain in her abdomen.
  • The pain followed by vomiting of sour matter four or five times.
  • There was distension of abdomen with flatulence.
  • Appetite lost totally.

Before consulting Dr. Mamgain, she consulted at a reputed hospital of the city on 31st October, 2016. Ultrasound scanning was first advised. Which was duly done.

According to the ultrasound of her abdomen –

Impression – Findings may suggest an early sub acute small bowel obstruction.

Copy of the ultrasound report:


After the ultrasound she was advised immediate admission in the hospital for a surgical operation to remove the small bowel obstruction.

  • She had similar trouble in April, 2014, at that time she was also diagnosed small bowel obstruction and surgery was performed. 

This time in place of getting admitted in the hospital she immediately approached Mamgain Homoeo Clinic as she did not want to undergo surgery again..

  • On inquiry it was found that she ate unripe guava the previous day, after which the trouble commenced.

Here I may be allowed to relate an incident occurred about 62 year ago, at that Time I did not know anything about homoeopathy but used to apply folk amulets, as I was living in a remote village. During that time a boy of my village about 10 years of age suffered from colic like pain with severe constipation after eating unripe guava. I was called in for help. At that time I prescribed a tea spoonful of table salt with hot water, it worked like a laxative after a short while he passed very hard stool and the colic like pain subsided.  

After interrogating and evaluating her case I prescribed her one dose of Opium 1 M, followed by China 200. singly and in minute doses.

After taking the first dose of the medicine the severe pain subsided gently within few minutes.

Within a week all her complaints, she was suffering from, subsided completely not to return again during the past six months till this video was produced.

Opium is one of the medicines which causes and cures obstruction of intestines. It is of first grade medicine for the obstruction of intestines. China is one of the medicines which causes trouble from fruits and so it cures. The main point in prescribing is, if the medicine prescribed gives desirable result it proves that the medicine was the proper one.


Documentary video of this case


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