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There are many successful homeopaths practicing with combinations and patent medicines and giving good results  even in difficult cases also.
My question is if only one similimum is required for cure then how these doctors are getting success?

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Why combinations? Shall we ignore the principles of Homoeopathy when single medicine cures?

Dear Dr. Madhu,

I think Dr. Sushil has given adequate and appropriate explanation on this topic and i fully agree to his views.
Only thing i want to add up is that, we all should understand the economy in this or any system for that matter, is driven and controlled to much extent by the pharmaceutical industry. No offense meant but Homeo Pharmaceutical companies are no exception. Patents are in fact the inventions of the industry and since such patents, cosmetics and external applications are bringing in larger business with flashy marketing like thier Allopathic or Ayurvedic counterparts there's no looking back. Right or wrong has to be decided by the conscientious physician.
I dont mean here that there is no room for advancement in Homeopathy but this advancement should not be at the cost of our basic principles and rock-bed of our science.

Dr. Jagat
if those homeopath getting good result after prescribing combination it is not cure, it is only palliation, because homoeopathy believe in single, simple and minimum dose is sufficient to arouse the vitality of a patient. Combinations doses are repeated (twice or thrice or more) so it bound to act like allopathic medicines.

One single dose of single medicine at a time is always not possible it depend upon individual responce or susceptibility. How he react to the medicine? It is always not possible that you will find exact medicine at once. You require 2-3 visit and then you will understand case properly. what Hahnemann is saying in Organon try to find more or close similimum.

First time we find that whatever totality we found we chose similimum, next time we find another symptoms we choose next it may be complementary, similar or same medicine with increase potency if require, otherwise wait and wait.

But most of the time give similimum and wait (keep your hand off) for next cry (Dr Kent).

This is homoeopathy told by our master.

One song can be listen at a time not a two. If two or three or more you know what can happen. Similarly medicine has the same criteria.

Combination made by monster minded people to earn money by destroying our principles. and one of most important thing of worring is most of them have had taken homoeopathic degree.

Combination will now decreasing the belief of people over our divine homoeopathy. They say homoeopathy is placebo effect and we all are responsible for that because we are using it.

so save homoeopathy by not using so called 'combinations

See also my blog,
I think,

Combination remedies palliate because of a crude correspondence between a common symptom and its various ingredients. But homeopathy teaches that each single remedy produces a characteristic totality of responses that is different from that of every other substance. When a remedy can be found that approximates the picture of the illness as a whole, genuinely and profoundly curative responses are often possible, even in obstinate chronic diseases.

Recovering from illness are concerned responses of the organism as a whole, and cannot simply be programmed or manipulated through temporary relief of a symptom or technological control of an abnormality. This is the best reason for studying and using single remedies, which are distinctive and recognizable totalities that can match and therefore help us understand and work with the unique individuality of living patients.
Dear Dr Madhu,
First I want to clear in thing i.e. What is Disease? What is Cure? And how it takes place?
If I am not wrong, Homoeopathic concept of Disease is: Disease takes place because of the dynamic derangement of the Vital Force at a dynamic plane. What does exactly it means? It means that the Vital Force whose office is to preserve the Health if gets affected because of certain dynamic influences at mental as well as physical plane beyond its capacity to maintain the harmony, it breaks down & expresses its cry thro' signs & symptoms. So, it is clear that it can be affected by any dynamic stimulus when conditions are favorable.
Now, if Homoeopathic Medicine has to act & produce a Cure, it depends on the condition that it should follow Cardinal Principles of Homoeopathy.
But, a Dynamic Influence of any type can affect Human being unconditionally. It is true because even if we see movies, our dynamics get altered due to the influence of the subject. Naturally, some Homoeopaths act as a Dynamic Medium to alter the patients dynamics. It become a secondary importance that what he has prescribed. Whether Single Medicine or a Combination or some other Bio-chemic etc. Certain Homoeopaths bear such Dynamic Personality because of which Patient start feeling that he will going to get cured with this fellow. Ultimately, it is the patient who has to cure himself, our medicines never cures him. Medicines are only the dynamic stimulus for the process of the cure. So, any Dynamic stimulus can act as a Curative stimulus. So, some people can get cure even with combinations not because of the medicinal value it bears but because of such stimulus.
I think you got the answer.
Thank You!

Dr Prasad...
Allopath prescribe on the name of disease and they are successful in managing almost every case though for the time being and we homeopaths prescribe on signs and symptoms presented by the patient and any mistake in case taking can take us for away from the correct remedy, this difficulty gave birth to combinations and users are also successful in their clinical practice though for the time being and no doubt it is against homeopathic philosophy. The manufacturer claims that they market combinations after clinical trials and they keep the record.
From my expereince, if one at least studies the polychrests thoroughly and gains on hand experience, there will never be any need for combinations. Period.
Dear Dr Sarfraz,
Thanks for our comments. I am not defending polypharmacy. In many cases Single remedy fails because of difficulty, inability and faulty case taking. More and more homeopaths are using combinations due to this problem and this trend is on increase..
Best regards.
If any body could guide me, combinations palliate the case and single remedy cure the case.

Three questions at a time

1. Can we lead to cure without palliation first? Yes or No?

2. Can a combination palliate the case? Yes or No?

3. Does the action of a combination is based on symptoms?

Which aphorism of organon stop you not to use combination?
1. Can we lead to cure without palliation first? Yes or No?

No, The reason is we always see palliation first when our remedy is true. Therefore those who say, combination palliate the cases and do not cure is wrong.


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