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There are many successful homeopaths practicing with combinations and patent medicines and giving good results  even in difficult cases also.
My question is if only one similimum is required for cure then how these doctors are getting success?

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Yes, that is what I want to say. We prescribe on symptom similarity and not on the strength of the medicine.

What "strength" do you want to ascribe to a medicine other than the fact that in repeated doses it is capable of setting up symptoms in the healthy? And that also not in everyone.

If it was about strength, the remedies would work unconditionally, whereas we know that although Hahnemann asserts this for tinctures - with which he made provings in the beginning - it is not so for potencies, which he also admits in the Organon.

We all know that when a remedy does not "fit" the constitution of a prover, that no symptoms will be produced. I have done provings of remedies and not all caused a proving in me. That is personal experience and proven by experiment.

So he cannot have it both ways. It is either on symptoms similarity or on strength and it cannot ever be both.

That said, in someone who does fit the constitutional idiosyncrasy, the potency must also match the vitality or sensitivity of the patient. Otherwise you create a strong aggravation, but even that concept is based on similarity.
the potency must also match the vitality or sensitivity of the patient. Otherwise you create a strong aggravation, but even that concept is based on similarity.

Thanks.It is truth.
'' success '' means what for you ?? that the pathology gets better ? if this is what you think then you are not even a homeopath.
there is only one key to one lock. it is absolutely against the homeopathic principles to use combinations and patent remedies. Lazy homeopaths who dont want to work hard and earn quick money and popularity do that. u better practise allopathy than this kind of homeopathy.

As far as a beginner is concerned, there is nothing wrong in asking whether single remedy is good or combinations. They have the right to know such basic things. Because Homoeopathy is not a religion, it is a science. So without knowing the real fact, how can they try to become a better prescriber tomorrow? And it is our duty to make them understand the best way. The experienced practitioners can tell that the single remedy is the right choice. So, with due respect, let me tell you that we have to be more gentle in giving answers, especially to the neonates who may get emotionally hurt easily. Instead of pushing them to allopathy, we should bring them to the scientific homoeopathy. First of all, the beginners are having low confidence level, so if we handle them badly, it will make the situation worse. Have a great day doctor.

Since homoeopathy is a science, combinations are simply not scientific, because they fail to follow the rules of the science. That is what we have to tell the neonates. We have to encourage them to be scientific and not be like allopaths. If they have a low confidence level, then that can be boosted by pointing out the science and telling them they are scientists. 

Yes, i fully agree with you - we have to encourage them to be a better Homoeopath.


THANK YOU ALL for providing me so much of practical information...

I am a beginner and a follower of Dr.Hahnemann and his teachings but when i look around myself i found only few His followers and more of mixopaths and always wonder is it necessary to do mixopathy to b a successful homeopath??

Bt now I have the answer, "NO" it is not and even true homeopaths exist and doing wonders. I have regained confidence in single remedy prescription and learned a lot from here. Thanks for your interest and so much of these contribution.  I feel Blessed.


Madhu Azad

Somewhere still in the Medicine, ETHICS and PRINCIPLES matter to majority of Physicians. For the things to which Master had to struggle so hard, we are again indulging ourselves into, no matter what results are we getting with patients but the main issue is that it kills our conscience of being a Homoeopath 

Those who are unable to find out "Similimum"  or have less confidence in the "Posology" will use the mixtures of medicines or the patents. 

agree and this (patents, especially) may lead to a new 'stream' that leads the people out from classical approach.

We find a lot of patents in the Indian market ready for fresh students who come out of college and patients who take then ready from stores.


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