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There are many successful homeopaths practicing with combinations and patent medicines and giving good results  even in difficult cases also.
My question is if only one similimum is required for cure then how these doctors are getting success?

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Dr Mas ,

With all respect , i would answer all your queries....(3) i.e I dont Know.
You are right Kavi sir, (may be breakbone fever, nowadays very common here. Eupt perf. So led to mistake) .

Yes, I meant Art of Individualization is the backbone of Homoeopathy.
Answer to (3) can be found in my blogs.
Complex prescribing or mixopathy is simply an imbroglio. (from imbroglio: a complicated and embarrassing state of things; a serious misunderstanding, Webster's Dictionary) It is on par with the many systems that have arisen in the last 2-3 decades supposedly developed to make homoeopathy "simpler", while contributing increasingly to the same imbroglio.

The abandonment of the basic principles by the system builders in all these divergent systems, is the greatest contributor to the state of attack homoeopathy has found itself under in recent years. It is also the greatest contributor to the internal division that has resulted from it and the lack of a clear combined response to these attacks.

If homoeopathy is to survive, it is imperative that we return to our roots - much like the Beatles and other bands of the sixties abandoned their "pop" and returned to their rock and roll and blues roots. It caused a revival in the music industry and we need a similar revival in homoeopathy. This is dependent on the responsibility each of the homoeopaths is willing to take, to save homoeopathy from becoming an irrelevant divided "modality", instead of the world leader in medical innovation. Innovation does not mean that we should abandon principles to serve a fashionable hodge-podge of new age popularity, but a real assessment of our cumbersome materia medica, with its illogical and unworkable head to foot schema and its equally cumbersome alphabetical arrangement.

The law of similars must be applied to materia medica as much as it is applied to finding the correct remedy. Similar remedies must be classed as such and similarities in sequential development following similar timelines demand an equal treatment in classification. If we are to make homoeopathy acceptable as a science, we must develop it scientifically and not build systems according to fancy. Nor must we use remedies according to the current fashion of the system builders. Only then will we bring homoeopathy into the 21st century.

All the doctors who prescribe single remedy at a time, change their remedy as the case evolves over a period of time.. so in that sense combination of remedies is required n recommended.. but if by combination u mean mixing 2-3 or more drugs n administering.. then only the most similar one would work in any case.. all the drugs that u mix are potentized hence dynamic.. n vital force being dynamic too would react only to the most similar one.. rendering other drugs futile (taken for granted that all the drugs are of the same potency).. The harm is that you would never realize which drug has worked.. hence follow up too would be a bit suspect or rather based on guessworks.. Combinations or mixtures would act physically when given in very low potencies or in crude forms... just like in allopathy.. they work because they are given in crude form.. for eg. Prescription like this one..Paracetamol, Azithromycin, Ranitidine, Bcomplex tabs n some syrup if u like.. in URTI is given.. all these drugs even though in combination, work as they are in Crude form.. low potency drug combination would work as well, as their physical molecules are still intact n the dynamic properties are still not unveiled.. hence they would work at physical level but never at dynamic level.. cause at dynamic level the drug only with most similar dynamism would work..and in case of Intercurrent Remedy/Nosode during acute prescription.. the drug is administered before the acute prescription but never as a combination

can you explain why a lot of homoeopaths state with conviction: low potency drugs work on a physical level but not on a dynamic?

Why would the correct remedy be the only one to work in a combination prescription?

In responding to the questions, can you explain what the homoeopathic principle is?

best wishes

Dear Gary,
I am sorry to say that we are far away from Hahnemann's teachings and real homeopathy.We are doing and teachings and propagating what Hahnemann never did.It is a sad story.
Peoples are presenting homeopathy as an art not a medical science.Are we jugglers?
Look at the face and prescribe medicine.Find out the vital sensation and prescribe.poor fellows.
Gud Morning Sir,

You are right in what you are saying, but can you please tell us, what would be the correct way of approaching the Case, especially for practitioners who have just begun or are practising from just 1.5-2 yrs like me? I take the case in detail: Chief Complaints, Modalities, Physical Generals, Mental Generals and then repertorise n prescribe. How do you approach, Sir? kindly Guide me.

Thankyou Sir
Good Morning Sir,
Greetings from me..

1> Sir, by low potency I meant potencies that still haven't liberated their dynamic properties within them, like 2X, 3X, 6X. Such combinations are available in the market with numbers ascribed to them.. No.1 for this disease n No.2 for that disease. Each combination is a mixture of 6-7 drugs.. they are bound to act only on physical level n they are often used, esp in india, as deficieny supplement.. viz, Nat Mur 6X, 3X, Calc Phos 3X 6X

2> Correct remedy would be the only one to work in a combination prescription because only the most Similar one works on the Vital Force.

3> The prinicple is of the 'Similimum'.. the most similar medicine to the constitution of the patient. The principle Single remedy.. of Minimum Repetition

Thankyou Sir


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