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I went to Simon Singh's article in the Guardian. His assumption is that homeopathy cannot work on a cat- because the cat "knows" that it is receiving a treatment and hence is subject to the placebo effect. What a CROCK. Sorry to hurt your feelings everybody- but cats, dogs, armadillo's etc. CANNOT THINK.
Animals have no clue that there is a "tomorrow." Yes- all animals can be conditioned. My cat screams his ass off- "I'm hungry." I feed the cat- he eats, craps and goes to sleep. If he is sick and I put a homeopathic remedy in his water- he DOES NOT KNOW HE IS BEING "TREATED." Dr. Singh perhaps thinks that my cat is his re-incarnated uncle- sorry- he's a damn cat.
If I give him a remedy and he gets better-- it was no placebo effect-- it was homeopathy!

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Sorry Robert. You forgot to include Simon Singh in amongst that group of creatures who cannot think....mind you, my cat is pretty good on quantum mechanics. Every time I say Schrodinger, she runs a mile......meeowing loudly as she scampers up a tree....

Seriously (!), look up on Google an organisation called Sense About Science, which the execrable Singh started. He is cut from the same clothe as Randi and all the other homeopathy 'baiters'

All the best

"Every time I say Schrodinger, she runs a mile......meeowing loudly as she scampers up a tree..."

That comment right there made me laugh out-loud. A very smart cat, indeed!
Hello Robert,
I just would like to know how this man could explain, that we can cure a whole herd of cows-goats-sheeps-swines, in the water, and have results, without even thinking about what they are giving, because they are just employees, often, people cure herds with our complexes for bad diseases, viral, bacterial, fungal, for parasites too, always in the water.
And if someone try to treat a problem with the wrong remedies, SURPRISE!!! it doesn't work!!!
Could that poor man could "scientificly" explain that to me??? Are those cows are reincarnations of all his family??? ;o)
Very often I meet people who tells me about their vets laughing at them because they begin to use homeopathy, but after a couple of months, some very good results (expecially on staph aureus, which is suppose to be without any possible cure), they stop laughing and begin to be angry, or any other strange mood...anyway. We have to continue our good work for those who need it really. That's what I'm thinking everytime I ear another: "oh my vet just said that I was doing that for nothing, but he's not better than me until now to save my animals, so I have nothing to lose to try"!
have a nice day!
THis man should go to Cuba and see how they work with homeopathy, and which wonderfull results they have, the more he would talk against that, the more he would put himself into a ridiculous situation of denying the evidences.
Best Regards
Hi Robert,

Here's something that will make your heart....Singh....If he was in the US, then perhaps he might be banged up in Singh-Singh....Clearly, his execrable rhetoric has angered one too many CAM groups and they have pursued him through the courts - and won - for defamation of character.

My only regret is that homeopaths as a group here in the UK do not seem to have the collective cohones to have done the same...or maybe it's a question of finance...?

Enjoy and pass it on. Perhaps it's time to get tough and start issuing some legal challenges
Alas-- some people just like to hear themselves talk. His cat diatribe have me a good laugh- he must have one damn smart cat to know that he is getting a placebo and decides to get well with his great intellect!!
Think about application of Homeopathy to plants (Agrohomeopathy)
Plants dont believe they are being dosed,they cant say no,they just react to the remedies,plain and simple. Its that balack and white.
Using homeopathy on a small infant,same principle,bany has no idea about belief/placebo-the remedies just work 'Without a belief system".
Funny post Robert!
sorry i cant find the edit button...............i meant to say black and white.....................
oops,cant find the edit button............i meant to say 'baby'.........the method of editing your own posts is a bit confusing to me?anyone know how to do this............
Just click on your post and it goes yellow. Then the box appears in which you wrote the post. From there on, you can scroll, delete and correct to your heart's content.


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