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When we give medicine to the patient, i believe that the medicine itself individualise the patient according to his sensitivity and suseptibility or i can say, the medicine itself gets potentized in the patient's body and acts accordingly whatever potency you chose with the exact similimum.

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Dear Dr. Chandrakant, Is it your own assumption/Belief or clinical experience. Are you sure? What are the basis of such conclusions? Can you please provide some reference.
i am on the way to find such things. so as i complete my detail i will definatly provide to u. thanks
thanks, i agree with u, sir, during hanhnemann time there r limited potencies instead of this they also getting result for mental and psycological diseases. some my patient got results after 30 or 200. for organ and functional level along with mental level without increasing potency. so i was confused that realy potency is neccesory to cure the cases. kent say only stimulation is require to arouse the vitality of the individual he him selp has to cure. stimulation could be any potency but in singal and minimal doses.
kents 12 observation...
eg.1st observation...a prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient...
here the remedy is similar but due to high potency and low susceptibility case is worsened...what is your opinion on this???
This, then, will be the first observation - a prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient.

What have we done ?

It has been a mistake, the antipsoric was too deep, it has established destruction.

In this state the vital reaction was impossible, he was an incurable case.,

The question immediately comes up, what are you to do ?

Are you not going to give the homoeopathic remedy in such cases ?

The patient steadily declines.

If you are in doubt about such action of the remedies and making the patient worse, you will probably have an undertaker's certificate to sign before long.

In incurable and doubtful cases give no higher than the 30th or 200th potency, and observe whether the aggravation is going to be too deep or too prolonged.

There are many signs in the chest in such cases to make a physician doubt whether he will give a deep remedy when organic disease is present.

Of course this does not apply when things are only threatening, when you have fear of their coming, but when you are sure of their being present.

In the instance given the probability is that the remedy has been too late, and it has attempted to arouse his economy, but turned to destruction his whole organism.

Then begin, in such cases, with a moderately low potency, and the 30th is low enough for anybody or anything.

When the patient does not seem to be quite so bad as the one I have just described, you get him a little earlier in his history before the trouble has gone quite so far, and then if you administer this same very high potency in the same way you will make a second observation.

Though the aggravation is long and severe, yet you have a final reaction, or amelioration.

The aggravation lasts for many weeks, perhaps, and then his feeble economy seems to react, and there is a slow but sure improvement.

It shows that the disease has not progressed quite so far ; the changes have not become quite so marked.

At the end of three months he is prepared for another dose of medicine, and you see a repetition of the same thing, and you may know then that that man was on the border land and had he gone further, cure would have been impossible.

It is always well in doubtful cases to go to the lower potencies, and in this way go cautiously prepared to antidote the medicine if it takes the wrong course.

if the medicine is exact similimum no chance of aggravation, bychance there is aggravation we have next potency to antidote to first.

here the similimum is must.

higher potency in minimal dose never causes aggration which trouble the patient even low potency will cause it. so no matter of higher potency will cause aggravation.

it is observation what i have made while treating my patients.

as rough guide if it is shafe to give a 30c potency,it is shafe to start with LM3, if it is shafe to give a 200c. and it is shafe to start LM6. once the physical pathology is lessened to the point where a 1M or 10M can bi given, this potency bring about further psycological improvement. Dr philips m bailey, MD


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