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If medicine is exact similar it will acts in any potencies even in mother tincure it true!

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This is a difficult question to answer.There are no conclusive evidences for proving it to be true.What so ever we will express here, can only be our personal views, based upon our own experience.
Posology is a debatable issue.
thanks sir
If the medicine is similar, it will act in almost in any potency. Homeopaths’ using a remedy in different potency for the same set of symptoms claims success. Therefore, we cannot say that similarity of a medicine and potency is must for cure in every case.
Well, why not?
Hahnemann postulated and verified the Law of Similars - not the Law of Potency.

Experiments with potency only came about following the response of the organism to crude doses ( and most likely tinctures )

I do believe, based on my experience, that there is some evidence for the idea that the correct potency ( that is the precise amount of force/energy needed for that particular organism to respond ) will produce a result with a minimum of aggravation, while some strong aggravations are the result of clumsiness on the part of the prescriber.
thanks sir it is true!
Dear Dr Chandrakant,
First of all, let me clear your thought first.
In the 6th edition of the Organon of Medicine, in the 3rd aphorism, while explaining the Qualities of the Homoeopathic Physician, Dr Samuel Hahnemann clearly explained that he should have the "Knowledge of Medicinal Powers". What is meant by it? It means every medicine in different potency will show a different proving because it will act at different levels in different potencies. I will explain it to you with the help of a example.
Now a day, rainy weather is going on. If a first patient came to us with typical fever blisters around mouth with the triangular red tipped tongue & asks you: Dr., I am suffering from these eruptions since 2 days with irritatin & some what itching. So, please treat them
a second patient came to us with severe jont pains with fever, in agony showing severe restlessness moving here & there, with triangular red tipped tongue says: Dr please give me medicine. I am suffering a lot, not able to sit in one place, it increases my trounble. Yesterday, I was better but since moring I am tremendously affeced, I cant lie down, I can't stand, it pains a lot.
In both cases, Rhus tox comes as a similimum but both cases shows different susceptibilites & that's why presents at different levels. First one shows very much external level presentation i.e. at skin/ epidermal level whose susceptibilty satiesfies in very los potency as 3C/6C in a one or two doses but Second Case presents symptons affecting the individual at General as well as Mental level i.e. more internal level requires a potency for satisfaction is quiet high as 1M/10M etc in a Single dose.
So, Rhus tox 6c becomes a different remedy than Rhus tox 10M.
So, if you want to say that "If a medicine is exactly similar", it means Medicine prescribed in that specific potency is Similar otherwise it becomes a partial similimum or will going to act at a different level.
If a patient requires 6 & you prescribed a 1M, it will definately produce an aggravation & viz.
In diffferent potencies, same medicine will show different actions.
This is what I understood from the Organon of Medicine.
Thank You!

Dr Prasad...
my dear sir,
i agree with u, but some time people says medicine itself individualise the patient. we can not explain how medicine acts on human being. it is medicine going to decide how to act and where to acts in which potency.
I have two more queries

1.before dr kent there where no higher potency still our master were getting results in low potencies.
2.some people uses one medicine for different diseases for every case and they are getting results.
some people uses one fix power of medicine(first prescribtion i.e 30 or 200.) for every case and thay are also getting results.
Dear Dr,
These questions you pose are ( and have been for many years ) of great interest to me.
It is rare to find any satisfactory answer as the place from where the answer is to be found is almost always regarded as unimportant or just irrelevant.

As I see it, it is essential to begin from the point of view that we don't have a clue as to what is actually taking place. We cannot see the action of our remedies and have no direct experience of the energetic realms in which they act.

Because of this it is not possible to take into account all the influences and forces which come into play in any ' result' that we observe.

Thus almost all regard the physician as a purely passive agent and the medicine ( or remedy ) as the active principle and thus ascribe success or failure to the choice of remedy.

Anyone who has actually taken the time and made the effort to familiarize themselves with the extensive research on the power that the attitude of the physician has on the outcome of an intervention knows well that these questions do not lend themselves to simple answers.

People are afraid that if we open ourselves to such questions Homeopathy will be regarded as hocus pocus - just some sort of nonsense.

If you read through the various threads of the various forums you will see how afraid we are of each other, and how this fear causes us to insult and criticize and pass such firm opinions on topics around which we have no actual experience.

Please forgive me for this rambling tangential response to your questions -
This is such a big and complex topic it cannot be addressed in a few paragraphs.

I am only trying to say that unless we bring forward ALL the facts, and look at ALL the facts, not just the ones we like and agree with, we will never come close to the truth of anything.
yes you are very right sir... thanks
dr vithoulkas explained in his book 'the science of homoeopathy' in topic potency selection very well....!
when we gives medicine to the patient on thier tongue. what i believe that medicine itself individualise the patient according to his sensitivity and suseptibility. or i can say medicine itself get potentise in the patients body and acts accordingly.
potency power is not criteria for medine to act.


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