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New York Times| Dr Duke investigated the growing number of drug side effects and drug interactions.


Dr. Duke and two colleagues published that the average drug label lists 70 possible side effects and some drugs list more than 500.

In 2006 Dr. Jerry Avorn and Dr. William Shrank of Harvard Medical School also wrote a paper in "The New England Journal of Medicine" concerned about the growing list of drug side effects, calling it “linguistic toxicity.” Highlights and a Hidden Hazard — The FDA's New Labeling Regulations tells that the drug package inserts cannot be understood by laymen and patients who take these drugs and must be made clearer and in easy to understand language.

That same year, the Food and Drug Administration suggested making labels clearer with a new format and advised drug makers: “Exhaustive lists of every reported adverse event, including those that are infrequent and minor, commonly observed in the absence of drug therapy or not plausibly related to drug therapy should be avoided.”

Strangely, after the awareness and need for improvement, Dr. Duke found, instead of decreasing the number of side-effects and adverse reactions listed, an increase of side-effects to 94, as compared to 67 for those whose labels predated the new format. Some potential complications are weird, like “compulsive gambling.” Others, like “nausea” are so common — it’s listed on 75 percent of drug labels — that they almost seem like a universal issue.



What patients, and perhaps doctors and researchers either do not know, or do not disclose are the basic properties of drugs. Hahnemann explains to all who read, "The Organon of Medicine" the definition of a "medicine" and a "drug." He explains primary and secondary response of the living organism when they are sensitive to a stimulus, have been over-dosed or poisoned, or medicated. 


Hahnemann explains what seems to perplex people when they read that a drug may cause two opposite symptoms like diarrhea AND constipation. Hahnemann explains how each person reacts uniquely and requires a specialized medicine suited to their personal symptoms and at the proper potency to be beneficial. 


“I took a medication that had the side effect of drowsiness,” a patient reported. “I read a little further and saw it had another side effect. Insomnia. One medication had diarrhea as a side effect and it also had constipation.”



A great deal of what goes on today occurs due to the politics of medicine, retaining drug patents, increasing profits, disclosing as much information so as not to be liable, or creating laws to escape from the responsibility when person's are harmed from drug side effects. As we all know, SIDE EFFECTS are not something unknown. They ARE EFFECTS, plain and simple. To call them a "SIDE" effect only means that unfortunately the drugs will cause these symptoms, which are not what they are claiming the drug to be used to cure. So, if you take a medication for your heart and you end of growing hair; you are told this is a SIDE EFFECT, when we all know this is an expected effect! 



We are watching in this generation a changing of the guard. People want more information, want to make their own decisions, want to be empowered regarding their health. The drug companies scams, now more transparent, must undergo scrutiny and change. Physicians who give out prescriptions without knowing the DRUG INTERACTIONS and SIDE EFFECTS must be re-educated. Change means uncertainty, restructuring, perhaps a crumbling of an established system, and much more. 


Do we accept side-effects?
How do adults view them?
What do children think about when taking drugs?
Are they part of what we expect drugs to do?
The pharmaceutical industry USES side-effects to make new drugs.
They have infiltrated our culture. . .

Art Speaks:
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slowly falling over me
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set me free i'm not the one
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1 Do we accept side-effects?
  • Most of the population does. They seem to think its a trade off for the disease itself. Big Pharma says, "Do you want to suffer from bowel leakage, coma, hair loss, foaming at the mouth or do you want cancer? Take our drugs for the rest of your life, never mind the side effects."
2 How do adults view them?
  • Adults are ignorant to everything. They blindly listen to their doctors without asking questions."I trust my doctor, why would he do me harm? 
3 What do children think about when taking drugs?
  • Children are brainwashed by their caretakers (parents) they do as they are told.
4 Are they part of what we expect drugs to do?
  • Most of the consumers think they will NOT get side effects. They don't bother to read the list of side effects I see this daily with patients. I do the research for them. Print it up and send it to them.
5 The pharmaceutical industry USES side-effects to make new drugs.
  • Yes they do thats why you see most elderly on 5-9 prescription meds. A medicine for every side effect that the first drug caused which was prescribed by their friendly MD.
6 They have infiltrated our culture.
  • Yes it has. It's so accepted most turn a blind Eye! You know the sayings Debby, "IGNORANCE IS BLISS". What I don't know can't hurt me.
This is how Big Pharma gets consumers by keeping them in total darkness. This is why WE should do our best to expose them. "First do no Harm" is the oath of everyone in the Medical field. Does allopathy have a clean record? Do they do Harm? We know the answer to that.
While a few allopaths who tell you its okay to have side effects and you will get used to it, people tend to buy into it, discuss it with their friends about the effects they have and say its alright, my friend has it and its only normal. I dont get it, why dont they want to just try other alternatives and they call themselves educated.
Why do we bother about side effect, If we use only homoeopathy?

IF.  thats the word if only people would give a look into this non-violent way of treatment. Notice how people have developed diabetes later in life after a course of allopathy. Here's a convincing video from Human Rights. CCHR Psychiatry The Industry of Death | Dead Wrong

Thanks for sharing this film. People can also watch in parts on YouTube
Thank you Yvonne. It is nice video.


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