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I Find DOCTORS When they are ill are the worse patients .I have seen many  homeopaths die at a very young age due to self medication and not consulting others due to their pride or what 

we cannot depend only on the totality of our symptoms which too we are not able to frame properly wen we are ourselves ill . so we shud take the guidance and help of our fellow homeopath brothers and sistersand the diagnostic aids which are available in the market rather than self medicating ourselves..IF NEED BE of surgery we shud visit a qalified surgeon and not ignore our HEALTH as LIFE IS PRECIOUS AND WE HAVE TO DO SO MUCH FOR THE AILING MANKIND

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A barber only visits his barber friend when he himself needs his own hairs should be dressed up or trimmed. Definitely we should seek advice from our fellow homeopaths for our ailments but never ask for remedy’s name :D

Here the position is, no two or more homeopaths are agreed on one remedy for one patient. Dr. K, N, Mathur in his book “PRINCIPLE OF PRECRIBING” writes, if you send one patient to six different homeopaths, all will come up with different remedies. All will also claim 100% cure with his/her selection. :D

So you must go to fellow homeopaths but do not demand to disclose the remedy. ;)
i cant agree more
You have the right to disagree?

But there must be some reason of disagree?

How you will take your own sign and symptoms?

How will use steth?
the answer is no.How will you make an unprejudiced observation about yourself?It is ayways advisable first to take opinion of a specialist and then take the help of your colleagues.Also dr hahnemann said that in order to form a complete picture of disease ,the observations of the people around you are very after your colleague has taken the history let your family member talk to your homoeopath and give the exact observation.
dr ravi pandya
I agree to dr. Ravi's view ,and i also believe in this , if i face some obstacles in treating some patients or ownself i discuss with my friends and teacher , we have a very large group of medicos we all discuss our problems and achievements , that helps us in focusing us well , and serving the mankind better , thas why we are here isnt it ?
Dr. Vikas Verma


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