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This is the second patient who comes to me with shingles near their cancer site - it is intriguing.  First patient with lung cancer with shingles on the chest; another patient with ovarian cancer with shingles on the lower abdomen and lower back.  Conventional view is that the immune system is low, which predisposes the chemo/radiotherapy Patient to reinfection with Herpes Zoster.  But why is the body putting the rash on/above the cancer site?  What if the rash is the body's attempt to control the cancer through (1) a stronger acute disease, the shingles or (2) a discharge through the skin? In such a case, the treatment (~suppression) of the Shingles itself could result in the strenthening of the cancer.  I welcome any thoughts from colleagues with similar experience - thank you!

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Very interesting observation. I would look forward to hearing what others have to say. It seems you would add the shingles symptoms in with the repertorization of the case to get a totality.

This article is very interesting.  I too had a patient with shingles on her lower left back and turns out she had a tumour growing on her left kidney.  We caught it in time and she had no chemo or radiation.  Her Doctor did remove the tumour and she is now having issues with the kidney.

I never put the two (shingles and cancer) together until I read your statement.  Very interesting concept.


Thank you


HMM, a look into physiology will give all interested the answer.

If a bunch of nerves in a segment is irritated for a longer period of time, latent tendencies like shingles can spring up in the segment.

I saw similar phenomena in the face of patients with root trouble.

Actually this is a very interesting fact . Human papilloma Virus is a known carcinogenic agent ,here is another virus showing coincidence with cancer.Are there any other observations  2 observations may be too less


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