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Question  -  for those homoeopath, who work on sensation method


  1. I am very choosy in my food, (Selective feeder), I like only natural food,
  2. Some time I feel that I have a heart disease, some time kidney disease because some time I felt pain at my heart region some time in kidney region.
  3. I hunger for fresh air,
  4. I strongly felt that some one is miss in my life, (love)
  5. some time I felt that, smell like a boiled egg present in my urine
  6. I can sustain more heat then cold, (Slightly chilly)
  7. I am less angry


What is the best remedy for me, according to sensation method? 

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The Sensation method does not work like that. It is all about gathering a great deal of detail, listening to the patients words as they describe their complaints and their lives, being alert for repeated words or words used inappropriately, watching the gestures and body language. Sensation requires face-to-face contact even more so than traditional homoeopathic case-taking. It is necessary to see the patient as they express their problems, to hear the way they speak. Things like pace of speech and emphasis of certain words, even the tone and volume of the voice can be important clues.

It is possible to make suggestions using Sensation when looking at a very thorough written case, although there are still many important indicators missing and it is less accurate than seeing the patient actually give their case in person.

 It has been my experience that giving a case in the way that a Sensation prescriber requires, is very difficult for homoeopaths. We tend to speak in rubrics, giving emphasis to the symptoms we know are already present in the repertory and materia medica. The Sensation method attempts to draw information out without that filter, and it is a real challenge for a homoeopath to speak naturally. It can be done, but I have found that it can take a long time to unlearn this unnatural way of speaking.

Thanks for comment and enhance my knowledge 

Give me more your valuable suggestion. I want to know  something more about sensation method. Please suggest the name of books. 


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