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Presenting Symptoms:


I get a cold every time one comes around Mucous thing, it is disgusting Lots of it I can feel it running down the back of my throat I do a lot of walking Sometimes I can’t breathe from all the mucous As a kid, my mother used to have to bend me over the bed I feel like the mucous comes from the back of my throat

But the main thing I get is the colds, always catch them I think I catch them from commuting on the train I don’t kiss people

Are the symptoms always the same?

Usually they are Starts with a sore throat Becomes a runny nose, really runny Constant having a tissue there Then I get headaches, fever Aches – in the muscles Almost always ends up with a cough Makes it hard to walk or exercise Makes it hard to sleep Feels like there is something tickling in the throat That may go for weeks
Just had a cold, this time I didn’t get a cough so badly

What is the worst of it?

The cough That tickle The mucous vibrates when I breathe, that provokes the coughing < when lying down the vibration is worse I have to sit up because of the coughing I may cough so much that my stomach muscles hurt May wake the house with the coughing < at the end of the day, when I lay down

Describe the cough
I don’t know I can’t stop It is almost like I am trying to clear whatever is there Rarely does anything come up When it does something comes up, that is grey-greenish , thick custard (patient keeps saying yuk! Quite often and apologizing for it)

Taste or smell?

There is a taste Revolting No smell that I have noticed

Anything else that aggravates it?

Seems worse on the train < going to work Maybe it is the most inappropriate time Maybe it is because other people notice it, they give you death stares if you cough

Sensation in the throat?
At the moment, every now and again I have to swallow I can feel like there is coating over the throat The tickle, feels like there is something in there, that shouldn’t be in there Like when the doctor puts a swab in there

Like what in there?

Like something is stuck there
I don’t know, I feel that whole running stuff (hands slide down over throat) Then sometimes I feel like there is something in there
Next most annoying thing is really just catching colds all the time I am not a good sick person, feel sorry for myself I think I catch a cold every 2 months Maybe more than that Seems last few months it has been more constant Feel like I am susceptible when I am getting over a cold, to catching another I have trouble sitting doing nothing

My main problem is the sleeping, I have a lot of problems

Tell me about those?
Two problems
One is that my legs ache a lot, I can’t sleep, I toss and turn constantly The other is a amazing amount of dreams, pretty full on Dreams that go around and round in circles, and I can’t sleep They are never pleasant, then I half wake up They are always about me getting lost, trying to find my way back to something Going down a tunnel, and I would get stuck – haven’t had that for a few years Always trying to find someone or something

Before I take my chickens to a show, I have these dreams about frantically running and trying to find my chickens I am attempting to find them I have lost mine I feel panic I can’t find what I have lost Panicking, wake up, can’t sleep

Last week I dreamed of big pools of blood that was new I was standing looking at them That is bizarre I am quite repulsed by blood, but I wasn’t in the dream I felt fascinated If I bleed, I feel faint If I see someone bleeding, I feel like vomiting I cannot look at it Funnily enough I have become quite good at chopping chickens heads off I don’t look though I had a friend come over who could pull the heads off with his hands I felt repulsed by seeing that He takes the head and bends them back, breaks the neck, sometimes the heads come off

I have fingernails that are ridged, that is weird

Go back to the lost dreams again

I am trying to get home to my house, often not the house I live in I cannot find my way Lot of them I don’t remember

Dreams again, tell me about lost

It is a real panic, the longer it goes the more I panic I used to dream of flying so nice but they don’t happen anymore I get to the morning and I feel like I haven’t slept I feel like I have been awake the whole time

Lost, panicking, hyperventilating, deep breathing When I panic I tend to get hot It is really tiring Always running I don’t give up, I keep looking They are always pretty physical, constant running
I have chasing dreams too, being chased but I don’t know by what Don’t know what it is Doesn’t happen that often

When I travel, I set out to get lost I don’t like to have a plan In London I set out without maps, or a plan, I would just walk Discover things that I didn’t know were there I would always end up somewhere I know I don’t mind the feeling, I enjoy it

I think that is a reaction to my father, massive plans all about getting A to B I like having an A but not a B

Sensation of being lost?
Frustration All about emotion I just get so emotional I don’t know why It is like a movie, it builds, the panic and the intensity The further along it goes the more intense it gets Running along, not being able to breathe, panic Like a movie Running trying to find something I think of people running from something, like when plants make people commit suicide Like "The Day after Tomorrow" They always seem quite controlled Always running from something They are running to salvation, safety, away from the monster, issue, disease They usually get there in the movie, happy, love story, fulfilled In my dreams I never get there Lots of exercise, but I never get there, I feel exhausted

Pneumonia at the end of a cold, about 11 years ago Generally nothing I am quite fit


Everything bad Roast pork, chips and gravy Chips are my downfall though, I do like them I often don’t drink enough Unless I force myself to regularly do it, I may not drink for a day Occasionally I may feel very dry, moments of great thirst, and I cannot drink enough to quench it
How do you manage a cold?

I go on as if nothing is changed Then I sit on the couch for a day I force myself to rest, I am really bad at resting I am grumpy and lethargic I am thinking through a haze I don’t think quickly, I don’t react quickly I am a bit of a control freak, can’t control being sick Trying not to do anything, particularly physical stuff

More words for that state:

Drowsy, slow, heavy Sleepy But a lot of the time I can’t sleep Feel really tired and sleepy
< humid
When sick?
All that heaviness and fogginess is < when it is hot and humid
Describe the legs to me at night
Pain through the bone, the muscle, everything < if I don’t exercise, if I don’t walk > if I walk a lot > if I walk 2 hours in a day
not throbbing, not like having all your wisdom teeth torn out if they were injured they would throb
In this case the dream was very helpful in determining what was important. The Sensation or Feeling in the dream was one of being Lost, trying to Find something, Find the way to somewhere. Interestingly, in his waking life he COMPENSATES for this feeling by setting out to become Lost, going out in a strange city with no map or plan. So he reacts in an opposite way to the internal feeling. This is a known sensation for the Magnoliaceae group of plants (Lost, Confused, Hazy, Sleepy, Groggy, Unable to find their way)

In a dream, very often you will not only see the main issue or problem, displayed in its raw form, but you will see the miasm as well – as a Response or Reaction to this basic issue. In this case, he feels panic, and urgency, and great hurry to get to a place of rest, to the end of it. It is a critical situation (like the end of the world!) that has to be handled properly and quickly, in order to come to a point of safety. This is the TYPHOID miasm

Another interesting dream he has is the pools of blood one. He can look at the blood and not be repulsed by it. But in real life he Faints at the sight of blood, it makes him sick. And yet, he Compensates again for this feeling by being able to chop off the heads of chickens without feeling anything.

This is a nice example of the new method and repertory method intersecting :-

Fainting from sight of blood
Dry mouth without thirst
Restless legs at night
Sleepiness during coryza

The Typhoid member of the Magnoliaceae famliy is Nux-moshcata

Prescription = Nux-m 200, 1 drop ½ cup 1 teaspoon

Next interview:-

I felt I was getting a cold, just after taking the remedy Strangely it only lasted a few days And the mucous reduced during that time, that is also strange Hot and cold for those days But, I started having more dreams than ever, massive amounts of dreams! And quite full on Work mates stealing people I am interested in, and me catching them Or people having orgies Someone I am seeing being stolen, lots of those So many dreams that I would wake up tired The frequency and intensity have reduced in the last few days

The mucous much better I feel pretty good That is pretty much it Leg aching hasn’t been too bad, so that is good

How much better is the mucous?

Currently it is about 9/10 (it was 2/10) After that first couple of days, I remember thinking it was much better (8-9/10)

Coughing didn’t happen at the end of that cold last time I was here, I would have expected that to happen, so that is good That always happens at the end of a cold

I still don’t have a cold, don’t feel like I am coming down with one

How much better are the aching legs?

I don’t notice them at all now

So that is not happening at all?

No, so gone Even though I am not exercising, it is not happening
The other thing is that I have had to urinate at night more frequently over this last 2 weeks too, that went up to 3-4 times a night, then it went down to 2 times now

Nothing new?

No Sort of the opposite The relationship I am having, seems to be going well, better than before

Nothing old has reoccurred?


Nothing is worse?

Only the dreams All other things are better
The dreams of theft, of having someone stolen from me, they are new But I am actually feeling less jealous in my relationship

Prescription = wait and see

*Next Interview*

I haven’t taken the remedy again I haven’t had any mucous I haven’t had any colds The mucous at the back of the throat started to occur again I think it could be related to working in the chicken pen, to the dust The dreams have been good, fine I have been sleeping quite well

The only thing I have is some pains in the lower abdomen – both sides Feels muscular I think I may have always had that It starts upon first standing up from sitting for along while After walking around for awhile it goes away Only after sitting for awhile

Pain is share enough to make me go…uugh – to alter my movement Walking around will make it go away

I have been fine It is strange, I am selling my house and I am under a lot of stress That is usually when I get sick, and I have not That is odd Usually I just shutdown, but not now No major shutdown I would have expected to have shut down by now (One of the themes of Magnoliacea is to 'shut down' during their illness)

The legs are beginning to ache and get restless again That is happening mostly in the car when I am driving

I still urinate twice maybe three times a night Full amount when I go A few times I have noticed the smell, I think that was when I forgot to drink water, it smelled really concentrated

Work is stressful, but I am not sick like I am normally am Relationship is good

(Patient reveals to me, when advising him of dosage, that he actually took 14 doses of the remedy. I advise him to repeat this dose but just once, then let me know what has happened after a week)

Prescription = repeat Nux-m 200, as before, but just one dose

*Next Interview*

Mucous isn’t bothering me at all My partner had swine flu, I didn’t get it Sleeping is ok Just in the last couple of weeks, the leg pain has been bad It seems to be getting worse Last night I couldn’t sit in a movie because of the restlessness

What has happened recently?

I thought it was because I wasn’t exercising Even walking hasn’t helped

Actually it happened just after I took Tamiflu, in fact almost exactly the same time (relapse from use of orthodox medication)
Otherwise I feel ok Haven’t moved house yet I am too impatient

Prescription = repeat Nux-m 200 (Phone contact showed patient improved and has no symptoms to speak of anymore)
Following up with this patient over several years, he did not relapse into his old state regardless of outside stresses.

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Thank you for presenting this case of Nux-moshata (nutmeg, mace) of the myristicaceae, magnolia family. When patients keep coming back to the homeopath, with all the ups and downs, slow or quick improvements or back slides over time. The patient's chief complaints of always catching disgusting, mucus discharging colds must have pleased this person to find his colds reduced in frequency. I've learned a lot about the main theme for this remedy. We all know about the 'sleepiness,' (opium) but maybe not about the restless legs and the dreams of getting lost. I appreciated the reminder about the "dryness" keynote without thirst (Puls). Due to your presentation, I have gone back to study more about Nux-moschata. 

I am glad that you took so much from my case Debby. It is often really good cures like this, where the patient has so precisely expressed the central issue of the remedy, that embeds the picture in my mind. I had used Nux-m before, but it was this case that really taught me what it is about.


True art of healing, Excellent work. 


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