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Female Patient

Presenting Symptoms

Sciatica during pregnancy (28 weeks)

-         can’t deal with it

-         can’t roll over in bed

-         left hip extending to ankle

-         pain        – grabs – can’t move and can’t handle not moving

- must stop whatever she is doing

– must move into a less painful position

– pain catches you

- < having an argument with husband

Issues       - money as husband is very money oriented

- feels like she wants to run away

- always been a bit of a runner

Freedom    - always been a big issue

- go wandering on her own all the time

– wanted to go travelling

– been engaged three times before being married

– being her own boss

– do what she wants to do when she wants to do it

– doesn’t want to feel trapped

– has moved house a lot

– now she feels stuck

Has a short fuse – she counts to 3 instead of 10 when waiting for the children to do something.

Wants things done now or she smacks them.

Stuck with position (work), with family.

Feels she has more to do than her job.

Has her own car – has her freedom.

Pregnancy is a way of escaping from her job, but at the end of a pregnancy she goes stir-crazy because she cannot move, cannot do what she wants.

Husband is not very affectionate, so if she withdraws it there is none in the relationship.

Husband runs her down – she always gives in to him, always the peacemaker.

Inability to decide what she wants to do.

Feels she must do something really important with this life.

Feels she is running out of time, that the world is running out of time.

Feels she is wasting this life – has always achieved things before.

Something important is raising peoples’ consciousness, more tolerance, giving with your heart, leading by example, showing people a better way of living, making changes in someone else’s life.

She had a goal since childhood to be the first female prime minister, but she feels politics is full of lies and deceptions. ‘

She actually ran for public office once, put her heart and soul into it, but realised that in politics you have to compromise.

When she is angry, she slams doors, breaks into tears, gets really heated, rants and raves.

She expresses herself better when angry.

She is able to achieve her goals when angry, gets really focussed – “I’ll show them” attitude.

Pain - grabs really tight

-         feels like it will break

-         grasping, as if someone grabbed your arm really tight

-         spasmodic


Sensation (physical) is one of being grabbed, as if a hand had grabbed her.

Sensation (non-physical) is one of being stuck in her life, of being less than she could be (smaller).

Her reactions to this sensation are to feel caught (passive) and to want to get free (active), to keep moving , to be bigger than she is.

This leads us to the Cactaceae (cactus) family.

Miasm is represented by the desire to run, the need for freedom, the feeling of being trapped, the desire to travel, the desire to go wandering, and most importantly the feeling that she is running out of time.

This leads us to the Tubercular miasm.

The remedy that lies at the connecting point between the Cactaceae family and the Tubercular miasm is Cereus Bonplandii.

One of the key mental characteristics of Cer-b is the desire to be useful.

Quotes taken from a case by Dr. S. King:

“...doing big important political work.”

“ I want to make a contribution to something bigger than myself.”

“It is easier to devote myself to a group, to be a visionary, to do what is needed. Big and important things, useful things, relating to a community outside myself. “

Prescription = Cer-b 200, 10 drops once only.

Reaction: No noticeable aggravation. Almost completely pain free. Whole life has turned around. Feeling much better in herself. Much more positive attitude to life. Doesn’t feel trapped anymore. Work has turned around – several people suddenly joined her group which has made it easier and more financially viable. She has been considering studying natural therapies for awhile now, but could not decide which one. She wants to study homoeopathy, as she cannot believe how easy and effective it is.

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Hans lets remain in a respectful place here. Calling me a liar is unworthy of you. I could easily just trade the same insult back to you but what does this achieve. Is that really the last resort you have in a debate that has otherwise been relatively amiable?

I do not give dates and names to preserve the anonymity of my clients. If you are a practitioner with a real world practice (and I do not know if that is true or not) then you should be able to understand that we need to be careful in what we give away when discussing cases in public. I may even change gender (assuming the complaints do not forbid that), age, profession, nationality and so on. The only way I get permission to discuss these cases is under the provision that I do this.

This whole debate has been about using miasm, sensation, groups etc. I am not going to apologize for that.

Your idea and my idea of similarity differs. Again this is what the debate is about. I have made my points, people can make up their own minds about it based on our respective arguments. I presented this case to show how it is done.

Who made the remedy is irrelevent to a discussion about my method of prescribing.

If you want my detailed follow ups you can have a look at the other cases I have presented on this website. I acknowledge the follow up here is sparse, but that is because it is taken from the front of the file where I abbreviate the follow up consultation. The actual follow up notes were destroyed during one of the many floods we have had here in Brisbane over the last few years. I think you will find the other cases I have presented will provide very detailed assessments using the exact words of the patients.



These are links to five other cases with more extensive follow up notes. Unfortunately you chose to make comment only on the one I posted with the least follow up notes. Had you chosen any of the others it would not have been a valid complaint.



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