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Does selection of dilution still depend on the level of vitality or the level of pathology? In Russia, it is believed that if the patient has a mental illness, we must use the high level of dilution (1M and above), and if disease is mainly at the organ level, we must use the lowest dilution (6C-12C). When body systems has damaged, we must use the average of dilution (30C-200C).

Please, can anyone comment on that approach?

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Dear Baty - I have never heard before of this word, "breeding" except when speaking about 'breeding" animals and mating them, or possibly the "upbringing" or "breeding" or manners in a person of stature. So, this is new to me. If you refer to the majority of symptoms affecting the mental sphere, the emotional sphere or the physical sphere, then I do feel that many homeopaths will often times use higher potencies for mentals and lower potencies for physicals. However, as you said, the "vitality" of the person's immune system to ward off disease must be taken into account, so as to not over tax the individual's strength. Blessings, Debby

Thank you, Debby, for your help!

I corrected the error.  Ofcourse, not "breeding" but "dilution". English-Russian dictionary have these two words as equal. But now, thanks to you, I know the difference. 

Yes I use the same concept often. Mind mainly 200 or 1 m and wait , lower for organ but with frequent use. There was a comparative chart on my earlier work on psoriasis where I experimented with different potencies and LM , check my earlier posts.
Many time I use mother tincture also.


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