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Nodding Disease Affects Children at increasing rates. So far over 3,000 other children in Northern Uganda, plus more incidents in Liberia, Sudan, and Tanzania.


Hypothetical source of this growing disease | The World Health Organization says 93% of cases in regions that harbor the parasitic Onchocerca Volvulus worm, which causes river blindness and is carried by the Black Fly. The other component may be Vitamin B6 deficiency and poor nutrition.

Parents see personality changes in their children ages between 1 to 19 years.

Most affected at ages 3 to 11
Some people are afraid this disease is contagious because the cause of infection at present is unknown


  • MIND: eating, aggravates, fear to eat
  • MIND: loss of comprehension
  • MIND: Tics, twitching
  • MIND: pass out
  • MIND: wanders, walks away from home
  • MIND: Anger/rage
  • MIND: DESIRE: FIRE, pyromaniac
  • MIND: Seizures, fits and
  • MIND: head nodding off as if going to sleep at prodromal stage
  • MIND: mental, slow development
  • MIND: Falls
  • Mouth: drooling
  • Appetite: loss at strange foods
  • Weight: loss
  • Weather: change aggravates
  • Growth: stunted,
  • URINE: Incontinence / paralysis


  • As a result parents tie up their children so they don't wander off or cause damage like burning down their homes
  • Many abandoned
  • Susceptible to opportunistic disease
  • Head concussion and body injury when they drop off with loss of consciousness


  • What rubrics would you use for this HEAD DROPS, Can't hold up head, head leans?


  • Appears to be neurological damage


Anti-epilepsy drugs are being given to these children

Some rumors say this is narcolepsy caused by vaccines, as documented in Finland and Sweden from flu vaccines. Others attribute the signs to mercury poisoning: excessive drooling, seizures, stunted growth, mental retardation due to death of brain cells, wandering off, etc., and see similarities to autism. The nodding off are the mini-seizures. We do not know if any of these are factors, because the news reports nothing about vaccinations being given to these children. The researchers have only tried to make a connection to river blindness, which affects a portion of those affected with "Nodding Disease"

The following video discusses the fact that many of these families were living in camps previous to getting the disease.

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Wow. This disease is serious. It seems incomprehensible that they cannot figure out the etiology. Africa seems to be the incubator for "Andromeda strains"-- Ebola, Marburg, HIV, etc.

More synchronicity, Deb, I just finished taping a video on the nodding disease after rep'ing it and have what I think is the cause and what the remedies are. I've prepared a press release, but before I post anything I thought I'd better check it out to see if anybody else has rep'd it, and lo and behold, here you are. I also wonder if Jeremy Sherr has had any experience with it at his Tanzania clinic and was about to track him down.

ANy suggestions?


John Benneth  

Here's my video on the subject.


Thank you John. I was going to add your video if you had not already done this. People can read further on your website how you came to this conclusion. Good thinking, Sherlock. If you have found an answer, it would be a small miracle for these people. Hope someone is listening.

I hope Homeopathy can manage such "incurable" diseases.

The point of articles like this for homeopaths and other health professionals concerns the lessons that can be learned. How do we search for solutions? Where do we look? What do we take from history, similar suffering, and remedies that have been used for a complex of symptoms? Do we know that nutrition and fresh water will do most of the work, while supplements, counseling and remedies will go deeply to resolve illness?


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