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Seeking information on the essence and mental qualities of Rutaceae family

Hi there homeopathy friends,
I am seeking information on the Rutaceae family.
Mental qualities for the family in general.
The essence of this plant family.
I understand Sankaran has some information on this family
in his Insight into Plants Part III - i only have part 2. should have waited until he
was more complete, eh?

Anyone's help and information is much appreciated.


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Basic themes of Rutacea family are:

Conflict between duty in caring for others and family.
Caring, running, 'It has to be possible'. Hurry.
Duty, It has to be done. Just simply do it.
Little reflexion. Realistic, pragmatic, serious, rational.
They don't show it, don't lament, don't know it, don't see that they are used.
Gives bitterness, hardness. I want to hold it in my own hands. Sour, like a squeezed lemon.
Delusion being deceived.

Here you can differentiate Rutacea from Anacardiacea Family.
In the Rutaceae family, the feeling is of being: Squeezed and then broken whereas in Anacardiacea the main sensation will be: Caught or Stiff, Not allowed to move, Restricted.
Thank you very much for this excellent information.
Exactly along the lines of what I have been seeking on this plant family.

If there's anything anyone else would like to add, please do so.



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