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I have a patient, 29 years old, who has had an operation for scoliosis, curvature of the spine and has HPV. She has the left leg and foot longer/bigger than the right, her right breast is bigger than the left. Her reports have shown that she has active cells in the pap smear tests. She has also done cauterization for warts in the cervix.

I have prescribed NIT-AC 30, THUJ 30, SYPH 30 each remedy once a week then to be repeated for the next week and CARC 30 just one dose.

I will post the outcome, in the meantime, let me know your opinion.
Thank you.


NEWS ON PAP SMEARS OCTOBER 2013 |Latest news about Merck & Co. Gardasil vaccine which has been promoted to protect women and men, girls and boys from Human Papilloma Virus and potential for cancer.  

Mesh Medical Device News Desk, lab technician and a Cytotechnologist Mark Krause screens pap smears and says there may be an epidemic of fraud as new techniques claim better results. "I believe that fraud is taking place in this field as a result of falsely advertised and/or dysfunctional products approved by a scandal-ridden Food and Drug Administration."


METHOD | He explains that what traditionally were called pap smears and no longer a ‘smear’ but a mono-layered preparation. Cellular material collected from a woman is dropped into a vial containing an alcohol solution. All mucous and blood or other debris are dissolved and removed. This sample is then deposited on a single slide. Many lab techs, Krause explains, like this because it is easier to read; however, the way the pap smear was changed was largely due to higher profitability.

FINDINGS USING NEW EQUIPMENT | After our lab procured the computerized microscope , we were alarmed by the tendency of the device to miss abnormal cellularity if present in large clusters. We also noticed that the device tended to zero in on air bubbles, chips in the glass, dirt, dark colored benign cells or just blank space. In many cases, abnormal cellularity seemed to be found by accident. The artificial intelligence of the device appears slipshod. Sometimes the device finds abnormal cells quite well, but this is an exception, in my experience. In my opinion, the device is not worth the money spent on it.


This single layer pap has nefarious underpinning. It is supposedly much more accurate than the conventional pap smear, with one corporation claiming it improved results by up to 230%. Krause mentions 2 studies that found no difference in the readability or accuracy of the ‘new’ pap smear. An Australian study found only a 12% difference. Krause believes the improvement might be only 5-10% at his lab. The problem is credibility with the major manufacturer of the ‘new’ pap smear. Even the 12% increase found by the Australian study is no where near the possible 230% claimed by the pap test’s makers.


Krause feels that the new test may have been designed to get FDA approval on a new computerized microscope, but this also makes the test much more expensive. His concern is that the new test is finding ‘positives’ more often than naught, and that the medical equipment is not being tested properly as the FDA has a history of allowing sub-par devices to past the sniff test.

Krause explains:

  • “Alleged FDA impropriety and incompetence may have allowed harmful medical devices to be marketed. A whistleblower lawsuit claims FDA scientists warned that the agency approved colonoscopy and mammography instrumentation that delivered dangerous radiation doses. Those scientists were spied upon and fired. In their book, The Battle Over Health Care, authors Gibson and Singh point out that of the high-risk medical devices recalled by the FDA, 75 % were never evaluated.

  • Some 20 % of cardiac defibrillators were recalled and hundreds died due to malfunctions. Many cytotechs suspect that the computerized microscope was rubber stamp approved because of some combination of corporate financial hooliganism and FDA absentmindedness. . . Its use [the microscope) constitutes a cavalier disregard for basic bio-medical ethical standards that is totally cynical and leaves much to be said for the quality of the character of involved corporate elites, their sales representatives and laboratory managers alike.”

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Can you tell on what basis you prescribe a medicine.. I also eager to know the follow up
those are all syphlitic remedies, is that why you prescribed them? what the constitutional?
I am on a holiday and will be able to answer in detail by next week. She is a PULS with NIT-AC which I have given her in a high single dose
Dear Dr. Yvonne Siblini,
The diagnosis of miasm may be syphilis, because, syphilis means destruction. But the symptoms of her, are also incordination, i.e., the legs are not same, long or short, Breast are also large or small. This is Sycotic. You should select medicine in basis of constitutional symptoms. Please inform me the follow up.
Thanks a lot.

Thank you for sharing this case with us. Would you apply a combination of this medicines? This is a wrong. Please choose right path and then apply one medicine (constitutional) to cover the totality of symptoms. ,,,

The most recent development. She is in clear with no abnormal cells detected in the pap smear done.

She has been showing a lot of signs of PULS of which I have given her on several occasions, of course when needed, in a matter of a month sometimes.

Sorry if this is a very short version but I have been busy. Sometimes its necessary to use combination and somehow it has had effective reactions.


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