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People suffer from sciatic pain, which is affecting their lower back.  If it is sciatic nerve which is causing pain, here is a method of relieving the pain by acupressure method. This I learned from a book titled HEALTH IN YOUR HANDS vol.1 by DEVENDRA VORA.  

We no longer have the original image. The place where the blue tape adheres is where the pressure is to be applied.  The patient will wince with pain if the above place is pressed, which confirms the sciatic problem. Sometimes the pain will be only within one leg, and sometimes in both legs. If there is no pain in both legs, then the pain may not be sciatic pain 

Pressing should be done with the nail portion of the finger perpendicular, pressing into the flesh at this point. 

Please see that your nails are well trimmed so they not cause a different pain. 

The entire area is to be pressed using a single finger or using all the four fingers while the thumb envelopes the bone in the front of the leg.

After every few say 5 pressings move the position of hand a few millimeters up or down so that entire area is covered.

The method is to press for two counts, leave for two counts and shift the position.  This should be continued for about 10 minutes and three times a day. 

Case 1.  My grandson when he was 2 years old (about 5 years back) was walking with back bent forward and moving slowly one day. My daughter explained that a day before he was complaining of pain and the doctor prescribed some pain killer.  The pain is still there and he is restless because he is not able to play.  I asked her to make him sit in her lap and checked both legs at the area shown above.  His left leg indicated no pain but his right leg showed pain.  He howled when I pressed a point there.  I observed by feeling some knot like thing, to touch when I pressed there.  I continued with lesser pressure first and increasing the pressure later.  After 15 minutes of treatment,  I said I will do it again in the night.  But within half an hour, the boy was playing and he did not need further treatment!

Case 2. Mrs K., who happens to be my brother's daughter in law was standing in a peculiar way when I visited her place in Hyderabad.  I asked her why she is standing like that.  She told she has low back pain since 6 months and the pain is not going away.  She can tolerate the pain only by standing like this slightly bent posture.  I told I want to check the sciatic point on her both legs.  To my surprise, both legs showed pain.  I showed the place to my brother's son and showed him how to give treatment.  He gave treatment in this manner for two days and her pain was gone and did not return.

Case 3. Mrs K, of the above case, had an aunt who was bed ridden for 6 months for pains in her back.  Mrs k visited her and told her about the treatment she underwent and asked her to treat the points with somebody's help.  Within a week, the aunt thanked Mrs. K for the advice.  She is moving about freely in the house and attending her works normally. These are the three cases I treated so far using the acupressure method.  Since back pain is so common our friends in HWC can also check the place for pain and give advice.


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Dear Brother Anand,
On this blue-green planet man’s needs have been enormous which have lead to innovations. Man has always strived hard to be healthy and keep others healthy. These efforts have always guided him to natural, safe, effective and economic therapies. One such rich therapy is acupressure. Acupressure is a non-drug therapy which is recording its importance in the complementary medical science. Acupressure in India is framing new shapes and has widened its wings to soar higher in the sphere of complimentary medications in the world.
How Does Acupressure Function?

Acupressure involves pressing points on the body with fingers to alter the internal flow of energy, strengthening it, calming it or removing the blockage of the flow. Human body has self healing powers. These remarkable self healing energy forces are used by nature and holistic sciences of curing like naturopathy, acupuncture, acupressure and the like. The healing energy flows through the body in particular pathways. These pathways are called meridians. Each of theses meridians have reflex points and nerve centres in various parts of the body. Acupressure is the process by which normal energy flow in the meridians is restored. Any blockage in the energy flow in blood on the meridians leads to an ill-health. When pressure is applied to the reflex points, they are enthused and the obstruction to the flow of energy is released. As the energy flow normalizes, relief follows it. Acupressure applied to hands is called hand reflexology. Pressure therapy applied to the selective points in legs and feet to be free from ailments is called foot reflexology. Some practitioners use reflex points on scalp, face, ear and head for healing purpose.
Advantages of Acupressure

A useful means of treatment
Easy to use
Can be carried out without any special equipment
Safe and non-invasive
Free from weakening side effects of drugs
Holistic and curative
Interesting event.


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