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I have a schizophrenia patient who has improved on plutonium nitricum. But the drugs that he is on seem to slow the healing. Someone suggested LM potencies so he can take them everyday to counteract the drugs, but he is so energetically 'plutonium' that I am feeling like higher potencies are the way to go. Does anyone have experience in treating schizophrenia and working with potency and drugs. His last dose was a 10M and big movement, but we need a bit more before he is ready to work with his doctors to reduce the medications. My feeling is that the higher potencies could 'sail above' the drugs to bring improvement, but now I am wondering more about LM's.


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Since 10M worked well (big movement) you could try water doses of 10M succussed as an incremental dose daily.
Thank you! Are you suggesting the same water dilution, succussed more each day, or diluting the water dilution and succussing each day?
Thank you for your post. Great idea to dilute before giving him the higher potency. And I will make sure at our next appointment that the 10M has exhausted.

It makes sense to me that high potencies would be very effective in mental illness.

He gave his case on such an 'energy' level. According to Sankaran's work, this would indicate 50M as the case seemed so much the energetic level, above delusion and sensation. This is the only case I have ever received that seemed to be on that level. With the response so far confirming the remedy choice, 50M might be just the ticket.

Thank you.
Hello Adrienne,
I am happy you've opened this topic because i have this illness in my family so one time i kept thinking about all these "details" in case i would start to treat her. Unfortunately my aunt has never asked for a homeopathic treatment and i don't push her. I would just like to know how did you come across the plutonium nit. and what is the its essence.
This remedy is quite interesting, but there are a lot of remedies to fit mental illness, like Schizophrenia. I came by the remedy at first through repertorization and then confirmed the choice when I read Sadhna Thakkar's writings on the remedy, which I can't remember where I found now. His symptoms fit the remedy very well, to the point that I felt I got a true understanding of this remedy by meeting him, taking his case and then reading about it. It was like a meditative proving for me. Very powerful.

Good luck!
Dear Adrienne
Without details of the case i cannot comment on your remedy choice.
Treating with homeopathic remedies while the patient is taking allopathic medicines bears the risk of unpleasant surpises.
I have been using LM potencies with great results in similar cases and personally prefer them to C-potencies.
For more details see my blogs on Lm's and the study guide.

Best of success,
Hans Weitbrecht
Thank you. I will read your study guide with great interest. It is good to hear that you have had success with LM's in these types of cases.
I agree, and that is my plan. Thank you for your comment. Will let you know how it goes!
It was just explained to me by Helios that plut-n is thought to antidote other remedies by being near them. Any thoughts or experiences?
Yes, thats a possibillity.

Other pharmacies have a double walled container which guarantees a minimal distance between remedies, such like:
Not so Helios.

I found a great case on

Homeopathy shows its power of cure and healing in a case of deep-rooted behavioural disorders.

Dear member

May wishful thinking not be your guide, but true knowledge and experience.

In Hahnemanns and contemporaries knowledge we can trust, as much as we trust in homoeopathy.

Using two medications at the same time will lead to a cocktail situation, which is unpredictable.

Set aside this theory, that humans are made like onions and certain medicines only affect certain layers. Every Proving has proved your theory wrong. Medicines affect humans right at the centre and at the most peripheral parts.

multiple medication: A hit and miss game, as we all know, a medical experiment with possible fatal result.

How can You do that??


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