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Scabies in HIV + Children & Its Management By Homoeopathy

Currently I have 15 HIV + children suffering from Scabies.
We are giving Homoeopathic Medicines to treat scabies infection in HIV infected children.
Commonly used medicines are Croton Tig, Sulphur, Psorinum 1 M.

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I found External application useful in controlling scabies. It is prepared by 80 % of coconut oil mixed with 10 % Calendula Q., 5 % Echinacea & 5 % ethyl alcohol mixed throughly. Advised to patient to apply it after bath once a day.
I observed that with indicated Homoeopathic medicines it will support us to decrease itching in scabies patient & spread of scabies infection & eruption.
Thanks for sharing combo.... I will try
I fully aggree with you that Local applications should not used in Homoeopathy. But for me my patient's suffering is more important. As my 15 HIV + children was suffering from severe scabies infection with itching, bleeding & pustular skin infection. So i need an urgent Antiseptic lotion which is Homoeopathic like Calendula & Echinacea Q better than any allopathic antiseptic.
As these are my experiences through various research based experiements.
But finally my patient is satisfied which is important for me.

Thanks for your comments
I accept its my own style. Because my HIV Children are more important for me.
Its very easy to make any comment in discussion than actually involving in research & working for peoples & children affected by AIDS.
So I will follow those things which is beneficial for my HIV patient to relieve their suffering & prolong their life.
Thank you for your kindnesses. You are in the trenches every day and have found the best results using these techniques. It is important you continue to share what you have learned. Blessings, Debby
In month study in treating 15 Scabies cases especially in HIV positive patient by only Homoeopathic medicines here is its results which is verified by Skin Specialist of Parbhani & concerned Medical Officers for HIV Treatment as follows

Total no of Scabies Patient : 15 HIV + Children
After Homoeopathic Treatment
Improved: 87 %
Not improved: 0 %
Under Treatment: 13 %

Medicines used on Individual totality: Croton Tig 200, Sulphur 1 M, Psorinum 1 M

For Antiseptic Purpose in those 2 patient where there was Secondary infection due to scratching & Pustule formation: Calendula + Echinacea Q in coconut oil base applied locally at bedtime & after bath instread of any Allopathic Ointment or Lotion

Skin Specialist & Allopathic Medical officers on HIV T/t pannel has appreciated our results which occured in shortest period of time in immunocompromised patient.

Materia Medica Reference
As per Dr Boericke Materia Medica
Echinacea Q. : Locally as cleaning & antiseptic wash
Calendula Q: Local antiseptic & cleaning agent

Local Application is used just as Antiseptic purpose not for relieving itch & eruption in scabies. Homoeopathic Antiseptic is used to cure secondary superficial skin infection causing pustule formation & bleeding.

For Scabies treatment we used Homoeopathic medicines based on individual totality given in high potency internally which benefited 87 % patients.

This is one of the answer to WHO showing efficacy of Homoeopathic Treatment without any Allopathic T/t
Thanks for ur valuable comments.


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