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Date 12.7.2012

Disease Diagnosis: SARCOIDOSIS STAGE II….Age 31              Sex /F       

Religion: HINDU

Name of the patient: KJ

Husband’s name: DJ                               

Occupation- HOUSEWIFE

Marital status: Married  At what age 20 

In case of female patient   Issues 2. Alive 2    

Presenting complaints in verbatim:

A.      Khansi with dry cough. Specially while lying on bed. During night also. Kahansi letne se jyaada hoti hai.

B.      I feel less active than before. I want to take rest 2-3 times a day (short span) say 30 minutes.

C.      I also feel emotionally stressed. I think too much on small issues. Unable to think creatively as before. Instead of spending good time doing my hobbies I want to relax and take rest.

D.      This swelling was almost all of a sudden.

E.       Pain and swelling on a small area on left sole started in March 2012

F.       Before that I had been occasionally lethargic and stressed for a few months. Then in late March I had unusual swelling in ankles and up to knees. So much so that I once fainted in kitchen as I could not bear the pain.(March 2012)

Onset of complaints and modalities:

A.            Health status is fluctuating as per season. In winters I don’t feel too good. I feel body ache more in winters.

B.            Environmental Exposure could be one major cause as there are Generator fumes that spread in the atmosphere behind our apartment almost regularly .I was exposed to generator pollution from May 2010 onwards.

C.            Emotional instability could be another cause. Though emotionally I am not too unstable, just much more caring for all family members than most of the ladies. It is difficult for me to tolerate injustice, lack of mannerism, selfishness and Untruth. I am a very simple and clear thinking lady and any kind of indirect and untrue behavior disturbs me always.

D.            After my second baby stopped drinking milk in 2007 I had irregular periods. My second baby was born in 2005. Irregular period problem started with delays from 10-15 days to one month and then to 2 months and sometime in 2008 periods stopped for 4 months. I was taking Ashokarishta at that time. Then after sometime I started taking lemon and honey in water as my first intake in morning. Then all of a sudden I developed skin allergy below my eyes with irritation. I developed allergy to lemon and sour fruits like lemon and even orange. Skin allergy was cured completely through homoepathic medicines. I am still allergic to lemon, Orange and khatta fruits.

E.             After that I got this unusual swelling on my sole in March 2012. I had dry Cough and Khansi which started around 5 years back. Since then it has been there off and on. It actually disturbs me while I lie down on bed for rest or for sleep.

History of the past illnesses since birth:

A.      I used to have mild pain in legs when I was a kid for which I did not take any medicines. I did not suffer from any other disease during childhood up to age 25.

B.      I had skin problem below eyes in 2008 which was cured through homeopathic medicines.(as mentioned earlier)

Family history:

A.      My mother is suffering from joint pain for over 9 years. She also gets piles occasionally.

B.      My brother is Asthmatic and is now 26 years of age. His asthma was diagnosed when he was 12 years old.

C.      My father has upset   stomach and is occasionally hypertensive.

Past history:

A.      I go through occasional day to day stress as is there in a joint family but not of severe nature and is limited to a few days or sometimes few hours.

B.      I am not being able to follow disciplined life. I am sleeping at 11- 12 pm and usually waking up at 6.A.M. Meal timings had been disturbed due to overwork at home.

Physical generals:

A.      Occasionally I like to have sweets (Very less Qty.) not daily. I cannot take foods of hot prakriti. e. g. Ayurveda medicines do not suit my body and temperament.

B.      During fasting days a few years back I use to feel week because of not getting SALT.

C.      I experience less taste now in home cooked vegetables. I do not eat outside food but I think change in original taste of vegetables could be the reason behind this. I also feel some smell in the mouth once in a while.

D.      I eat in less quantity. I don’t feel any trouble most of the days except on days when I eat a little more I feel burning sensation on upper part of chest. I cannot take foods of hot prakriti. e. g. Ayurveda medicines do not suit my body and temperament.

E.       I feel thirstier just before going to sleep. Otherwise I think I feel less thirsty during day.

F.       I do feel excessive heat at times as I cannot tolerate too much of suffocation and hot summers.

G.      I used to have dreams in sleep and now I rarely dream during sleep. I get late sleep without dreams and sleep now is totally deep and like unconscious (or may be  sound sleep ). I have a little difficulty in getting up early.

H.      I feel pain below abdomen, pain in both legs, and irritation before menses. I get relief from all these problems after menses. All other functions are normal.

I.        How many issues, their respective age. Any abnormality in the health of any of them.

J.        I am blessed with two healthy daughters age 9 and 7 years. Both were born Normal and are in good health. No abnormality. They were born naturally. No caesarian operations were required.

K.      I had to abort once in 2007 as it was unplanned.

L.       Winters are not so easy for me. Now I feel body ache during winters. Change of season especially cold affects my health in negative way. I can also say that I feel more cold now than before.

Mental generals:

A.      Exceptionally happy person except during times when people around me are        behaving totally immoral and untrue. I can still find reasons to be happy if health supports me. Good memory sharp and active mental health. Due to the present problems I get angry many times a day and specially on small issues.

B.      I am less tolerant now than before.

Physical built:

A.      Fair Complexion. Slow and organized in all activities. I had good physical   endurance and stamina. Healthy built but not overweight ( + 4- 5 kg).


Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2012 11:21:20 +0000

Dear Sir,

Pl. note the medicines---

OLEANDER 30 one drop thrice daily

Report after a month.

Dr. Rajneesh

Reply by the patient


23 August 2012 16:57PM


Dear Sir:

Kavita had been taking OLEANDER 30 for the last over a month as you had suggested for her dry khansi.

She has got good relief and feels happy about it.

I would like to inform you about her present health status.



3. She also gets occasional headaches with heaviness around eyes which settles down after sound sleep and rest during day.

4. She still feels lazy some of the days and prefers to take rest to get active.

5. Sometimes it is difficult for her to sleep in time. It is because of frequent irritation and uneasiness at times.

6. She also has pain in her legs mostly below knees with irritation and uneasiness. 

7. And she also experiences mood swings 4-5 days prior to her periods. E.g. she wants to weep for some time say 5- 10 minutes - 4-5 days before periods. She finds it normal and not something that she would like to complain for.

All the above problems are not regular in nature. When I asked her what should I write to the Doctor she had no specific answer and I had to remind her that she had been complaining about these problems during the last few weeks. So this is all about her health as on date. 

Please advise the medicine. 

Thanks and Best Regards

Case analysis and conclusion:


GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - lemons - agg.

Olnd. puls. vanil.

GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - oranges - agg.

androc. arg-n. irid-met. med. OLND. ph-ac. scor. spong. syc.


OLEANDER was found as the indicated remedy due to these peculiar symptoms. The simple analysis and simple prescription. Oleander relieved the case immediately and once again proved the efficacy of Homoeopathy in Sarcoidosis.


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Interesting case.

Thanks  a lot.


Great! Cheers!



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