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My posted last discussion create a confusion in some people’s mind and it is logical because the posted article was my second article and is not completely give you the “whole idea” about sarcode’s general themes. I get all ideas as I work more and more so this article is middle pies of whole story. I try to make you understand whole story here…  


First we discuss my journey about how I discovered the general theme of sarcodes. One morning I get a case of fair lady (Published in Homeopathic Links and discussed in Sensation method forum) who speaks something strange which is out of my knowledge. So I try to compare her case with my knowledge of different kingdoms, but her case had not structure issue or not sensitivity or had not a survival issue. So I try to understand by other kingdoms like Nosodes, imponderbilia and sarcode. But as per my knowledge of nosode and imponderbilia the case is not fitted, so I think of sarcode kingdom. I never prescribe any remedy from sarcodes and my knowledge about sarcode is zero, so I read all sarcode remedies and I get beautiful references from materiamedica for “Cortisone”, but the material I had was not enough to explain my case’s themes, so I try to search the cortisone and fortunately I get beautiful reference about sensitivity, reactivity and non- stableness so I prescribe it. Then after I try to find out common qualities about sarcode as a general but I failed because we have very little information about sarcodes. I put them aside but by luck I get second case (RNA case) -the boy speak continuously two hours about physiology and body so I get the clue about finding the general theme about sarcodes. I make you clear here why “Body function-Physiology” is the sensation of the sarcodes. I understand all kingdoms according to their survival pattern (mechanism). As like….


  • Plants are self dependant and on receiving any stimuli give reaction according to it, so their survival mechanism is to take the sensation and give a reaction.
  • Animals are dependant on their environment so they experience threat from environment to their survival, so their survival mechanism is ‘survive’.
  • Minerals are structure and they have to complete their structure by loosing or gaining something, so their survival mechanism is to loose something or gain something.


Similarly if we understand the survival mechanism of the body we understand a sarcode’s sensation. If the body wants to tell (express) anything, it speaks in the form of “physiology”, so the physiology is the language of the body.


So the Body survive with the help of physiological processes so the function or physiology is the core issue in the sarcode.


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