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Salad for Colon Liver Cleanse

 Courtesy of Phyllis Georgic

This is a colon cleanse and liver cleanse salad that Phyllis made up and uses for herself at least three times each month.  She says, "If you make this and continue to eat only this until it is completely finished you will certainly see the highest benefit of this most medicinal detoxification meal."

Many folks are not happy going through colon cleanses with diets that causes them to be hungry draining their energy. This cleanse will satisfy your hungry by filling you belly, yet will bring about a cleansing of the colon in ways you never though possible, then the piece de resistance is the liver cleanse.

When following these directions, don’t get caught up in herbs that you don’t particularly care for and have this stop you. Do as you wish and add or subtract what you care to and it will still give you the cleansing that you are seeking. If you enjoy all of the ingredients, then go for it more often. Add a few others if you find the need as well.

Happy Cleansing

Shred or Julian the vegetable unless otherwise indicated

Something tells me Phyllis would include all skin in her recipe. Don't throw it away

1 ½ Cup Red Cabbage
1 medium onion chopped
4 to 7 cloves or garlic minced
3 large stalks of Celery shredded or chopped
3 medium sized carrots
1 or 2 apples not peeled Julianne. (Don’t try shredding unpeeled apples or pears ever)
½ cup zucchini Julian these because they just become juice otherwise
½ cup yellow summer squash same goes for these
1 large parsnip
½ cup rutabaga

Now for the herbs This is up to you all or a few or just what you have available to you
Fennel either powder seeds or the fern leaves chopped
2 t basil dried or 1 t. fresh
2 t. oregano dried or 1 t. fresh
1t. ginger root fresh minced
rosemary leaves fresh is best ¼ t is enough
½ t. thyme dried or fresh
2 t. winter savory
2 t mint fresh or dried is fine
2 lemon’s juice
7 T olive oil
¼ C apple cider vinegar
6 T Balsamic vinegar Optional for taste
2 T some pure berry jam or preserve (this is what makes the vinaigrette some fruity name such as raspberry or black current, or plum or blueberry, etc.)
2 t hot sauce of your choice. Or bring it to the level of heat that you enjoy or not. This is a taste option.

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We have liver cleanses here and they are very popular, usually means total starvation and lemon and cayenne pepper drinks, or taking about 27 tablets a day with a diet of lettuce. People forget that our bodies are detoxing all the time and require proper natural assistance through good organic foods. THis sounds really good. Am going to give it a try as everything in our garden. What is a rutabaga...Will report back when completed, looks a lot of food !! Will be interesting, got to try it before I can recommend.


Just checked rutabaga...............we call them swedes. Usually a winter veg. Beautiful in winter soups and also mashed together with carrots and pepper, delic !!
Very useful and effective one. May be used in routine for better health....
First day. OH MY GOSH !! this recipe is absolutly delicious...........


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