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This news is being reproduced from DAWN news paper of 12th May.It shows the apathy that exist to day in teaching of homeopathy in some part of Pakistan.Though it cannot be said of all the colleges,but the situation is grim,and needs the government to step in and bring about serious reforms in education in general and in this case Homeopathy in particular.In my opinion if only merit becomes a criteria in doing any work and honesty the guide line we can make a difference. I pray it comes sooner than later.If not in my lifetime then in my grand children's lifetime.

ISLAMABAD: A petitioner who had challenged in the Supreme Court the disaffiliation of his college of homoeopathy took to his heels when a
judge asked him how much he paid his faculty members.“Three thousand
rupees,” he replied and got a dressing down from Justice Khalilur Rehman
Ramday who made an observation that his institution was producing

“You are paying Rs3,000 to a teacher to teach to his students,” Justice Ramday said. “What will he teach?”

“Even our sweeper is getting a minimum salary of Rs7,000,” Chief Justice
Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry observed.

Advocate Zulfikar Khalid Maluka who was representing Dr Yusuf, the president of the Universal
Homoeopathic Educational Society of Patoki, also had to face a tough
time for taking up such cases. A judge said the lawyer would realise
about the gravity of the issue only when his own children were treated
by such ‘doctors’.

The counsel later told Dawn that he had appealed against a Lahore High Court order in favour of
de-regularisation of the Universal Homoeopathic Educational Society. The
society was de-listed by the National Homoeopathic Council (NHC) after
it was found during an inspection that the institution lacked basic
facilities like a library.

“These people deserve to be put behind bars,” Justice Ramday observed. He said such colleges had sprung
up in every nook and corner of the country for imparting medical

“In the entire world, homoeopathy is a recognised branch of medicine and needs MBBS qualification to be practised but in
Pakistan even those who fail to pass the eighth grade are given
admission to get a degree of homoeopathy like our parliamentarians and
given licence to play with the lives of people,” Justice Ramday said.

The chief justice made his intention known of ordering the government to
conduct a comprehensive inquiry into fake homoeopathic and law colleges.

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