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Please tell me the correct medicine or rubric for my patient of 51 years old, have the complaint of stricture of urethra, "patient do not want to do any investigation" related to his disease, like renal function test, liver function test or blood urea or creatinine level. it is a SRP of the patient. 

for more detail please read the linked file of MS word, 

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Light shuns, Postponing everything to the next day,Laziness postponing the work,anxiety hypochondriacal, Escape attempts to.

Thanks dr.  sarang for your voluble tips 

Possible rubrics to be consulted:

Looked at, cannot bear to be + Aiments, looked at;

Fear, looked at;
Timidity, appearing in public.

Of course, the best is to ask the patient to explain better his inner feelings about his resistance.


The patient needs to tell you why they don't want to do the investigation. A rubric needs to be chosen based on the patient's own words or feelings, not guessed at. Ask them directly if you don't know how to interpret the behaviour.

Patient tell his story very slowly, patient become more anxiety full after knowing his health status, last time when patient visit to my chamber complaint that, there is small bleeding in his nose, so I say to him let me check your BP, he reply that please doctor don’t record my blood pressure, but if you, please don’t tell me  

MIND - LIGHT - aversion to - shuns

MIND - ANXIETY - hypochondriacal

MIND - HIDING - himself - fear, on account of

MIND - FEAR - escape; with desire to

MIND - ESCAPE, attempts to - window, from



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