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Rubric: FOOD: Ice-Cream, general
aggrav. am-c, arg-n, ars, calc-p, carc, ip, kali-ar, kali-i, mang, nat-ar, ox-ac, phos, podo, puls, rob

ailments, from - ip, puls

amel - phos

aversion - aran, carc, choc, kola, puls, rad-br

desires - aids, arg, arg-n, ars, calc, calc-p, carc, cloth, elaps, eup-per, kola, lac-del, med, nat-m, nat-p, nat-s, nat-sil, PHOS, podo, puls, rad-br, sil, sulph, tell, tub, verat

pain, during - med

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If it's chocolate ice cream, you'll need to reference Jeremy Sherr (chuckle).
for sure phos. constitutional types love icecream more than other foods
Yeah, I've taken Phos more than once with very good results. If you saw me partying, there would be no doubt about my constitution. Being a triple Leo helps to phosphorize things a little bit too. ...and did I say, I love ice cream?
Ice Cream & Phosphorus

Complete Dynamics... Roger Van Zandvoort.
Short Repertory of Ice Cream

HEAD - PAIN - ice cream, after - Ars. caust. dig. ger-i. PULS.
HEAD - PAIN - shooting - Forehead - eating - ice cream, after - dig.
STOMACH - COLDNESS - ice cream, after - chinin-s.
STOMACH - DISORDERED - ice cream - ARS. Calc-p. Carb-v. PULS.
STOMACH - INDIGESTION - ice cream - Ars. Carb-v. elaps, ip. Kali-c. nat-c. PULS.
Stomach - NAUSEA, general - ice cream, after - Ars. Ip. PULS. rhus-t.
Stomach - NAUSEA, general - ice cream, after - amel. - cench.
Stomach - PAIN, stomach - ice cream, after - Arg-n. ARS. calc-p. Ip. PULS.
Stomach - PAIN, stomach - ice cream, after - amel. - Phos.
STOMACH - VOMITING - ice cream, after - ARS. Calc-p. Ip. Puls.
ABDOMEN - INFLAMMATION - Gastroenteritis - ice cream; after - parat.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - evening - ice cream, after - calc-p.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - Umbilicus - Region of - ice cream, after - calc-p.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - burning - ice cream, after - ARS.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - cramping - ice cream, after - ARS. Calc-p. Ip. Puls.
ABDOMEN - PAIN - cutting - Umbilicus - Region of - ice cream, after - calc-p.
Rectum - DIARRHEA, general - ice cream, after - arg-n. ARS. bry. calc-p. Carb-v. dulc. PULS.
Rectum - DIARRHEA, general - ice cream, after - amel. - Phos.
LARYNX AND TRACHEA - SCRAPING, clearing larynx - ice cream, after - thuj.
COUGH - ICE CREAM, at first amel., then agg. - ars-h, phos
GENERALS - Food - ICE cream, agg. - ailments from - ip. Puls.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - ice cream - agg. - am-c. arg-n. ars. ars-h. ars-met. bell-p. calc-p. Carb-v. carc. chinin-s. cladon. dig. dulc. Ip. kali-ar. kali-i. mang. mang-act. mang-m. mang-met. mang-n. mang-s. nat-ar. nat-s. orot-ac. oxal-a. podo. puls. pyrog. rob. sep.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - ice cream - aversion - aran. carc. choc. kola puls. rad-br.
GENERALS - FOOD and DRINKS - ice cream - desire - aids. amp. anthraq. arg-n. arg-p. bit-ar. Bung-fa. Calc. calc-p. carc. carneg-g. Cuc-c. cupr-p. dendr-pol. dream-p. elaps Eup-per. germ-met. helodr-cal. Kola lac-del. lith-p. loxo-recl. mang-p. Med. nat-p. nat-s. nat-sil. nept-m. orot-ac. PHOS. plb-p. podo. puls. rad-br. Sil. suis-em. Sulph. suprar. tama. tell. tub. verat.

Thank you one and all for responding with your additions. So, how are you feeling after watching this film? Does it make you queasy? Do you want an ice-cream? Does it bring back memories of hot summers and melting ice-creams that you are trying to lick up before it leaks all over you. Do you think about which flavor or type of ice-cream is your favorite? Memories?

And Dr Dushyant ~ thank you for that most extensive rubric addition that will come in handy. Yup! How about all those ice-cream headaches, stomaches and tooth pain?
Then I get all upset that Breyers changed their original recipe from 3 simple pure ingredients and added some artificial components. Pooey!

Thank you for telling the book & software reference for our rubrics.

Now, I'm wondering if all rubrics could be refined. Such as whether a person prefers Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate or other flavors? When the quality and ingredients in the ice-cream makes a difference. Because some ice-creams are extremely high fat content or sugar content. And others have lots of chemicals or fillers. Ideas?
Booo hooo- I can't eat icecream, My stomach would go insaine with pain!
dont even like it all that much-
i"d rather have Indonesian food.

Phos- constitutions prefer ice cream over any other food!
Important question to ask in your casetaking.
hi,there are few more medicines which we can add to the above list these are
Bungarus fascidtus
Tamarix germanica
Vanilla aromatica
Dendroaspesis polypsis,
Hi Dr vikas, What are the symptoms of Vanilla Aromatica here and the source of the symptoms.
hi dr dushyant,
you can find symptoms of vanilla and other remedies in radar 10.5 homoeopathic software,it is listed under schroyens f. synthesis repertory treasure edition and in EH.
thanks for the query
hope you get the answer
Dear Dr. Dhari,
You click the link below to see details of "Vanilla Aromatica"
(Including its provings!!),substances-homeopatic-...

Initially I thought it is a new drug, but it is in "Bradford's Index" ( Page- 274) !
See the link below-

Hi Dr .Dushyant,
To add further I am posting few symptoms of the medicine Vanilla Aro.

* Marked skin irritation resembling milk Poison-oak; is sometimes produced by handling the beans, also by local use of vanilla essence in a hair wash.
* Vanilla is supposed to stimulate the brain and sexual propensities,liking towards ice creams
* Do not use the synthetic Vanilla extract.
* Various disorders of the nervous system and circulation are produced in workers with Vanilla.
* Is an emmagogue and aphrodisiac.
* Menses prolonged.
- Vanilla, 6th to 30th, has been found effective in curing the skin affection.


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