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What role does homoeopathy have in post thyroidectomy cases that are receiving hormone replacement therapy for consequent hypothyroidism? Doctors please share your views and experience.

A thyroidectomy is an operation that involves the surgical removal of all or part of the thyroid gland. Surgeons often perform a thyroidectomy when a patient has thyroid cancer or some other condition of the thyroid gland (such as hyperthyroidism) or goiter. Other indications for surgery include cosmetic (very enlarged thyroid), or symptomatic obstruction (causing difficulties in swallowing or breathing).

Thyroidectomy is a common surgical procedure that has several potential complications or sequela including: temporary or permanent change in voice, temporary or permanently low calcium, need for lifelong thyroid hormone replacement, bleeding, infection, and the remote possibility of airway obstruction due to bilateral vocal cord paralysis. Complications are uncommon when the procedure is performed by an experienced surgeon. source: wikipedia

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When the whole gland is removed, the hormone has to be replaced. When surgery is performed, along with the thyroid gland, the parathyroid glands are also removed, so the parathermone is also needed. Of course, Homeopathy has got scope in the treatment of the individual as the surgery can remove the end result of the real sickness, hence the real sickness has to be treated with our medicine.

I remember my friend Inerdev Sahu on fb had posted a case - post thyroidectomy , where in the patient was on thyroid replacement therapy, and then developed intestinal bleeding, med given according to symptoms  was HYDRASTIS, and lo and behold, her non thyroid sites started producing thyroid hormone, and her thyroid tabs had to be stopped... and were never started again.. his page on fb is Homoeopathy a Panacea, you may still find that case ...

first of all I would like to thank dr m. Rafeeque for sharing his valuable information with us.

homeopathy has great role in thyroid related physical and psychological ailments even in patients who have undergone total thyroidectomy.In those patients life long hormone supplementation is mandatory.despite of maintaining a euthyroid status through supplementation most of the patients feel instability in emotional  and physical states.In my clinical practice I have come across numerous cases of these kinds which were cured by homoeopathy. As we all know ,thyroid disorders presents a wide clinical spectrum which happens even in euthyroid state[normal TFT].A CASE OF TOXIC ADENOMA THYROID IS PRESENTED HERE.

a female [x] of 43 yrs who had toxic adenoma thyroid and near total thyroidectomy was done 2yrs back, came to my clinic.she was taking  ELTROXIN[THYROID HORMONE SUPPLEMENTATION]tablets to compensate for the post operative hypothyroidism and her tft [thyroid function test]was normal.Her presenting complaints were fear while confronting people,uncontrollable weeping ,palpitation,breathlessness at night ,feeling of constriction about chest.  she had frequent generalized oedema,myalgia,recurrent respiratory infections she was a social worker her lachrymose mood and fear was most distressing problem to her.IN THIS CASE CARDIOLOGICAL EXAMINATIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS DIDN'T SHOW ANY ABNORMALITY.THE SYMPTOMS WERE DUE TO THYROIDECTOMY AND POST OPERATIVE HYPOTHYROIDISM DUE TO HORMONAL RESISTANCE AT RECEPTOR LEVEL..SHE WAS PRESCRIBED Lachesis 1M ONE DOSE AND HER MENTAL STATE IMPROVED MUCH .LATER THYROIDINUM 3X WAS GIVEN IN VERY LOW DOSES IN  LONG INTERVALS.HER HORMONE THERAPY WAS CONTINUED AS THE GLAND WAS REMOVED TOTALLY WE HAD NO OTHER OPTION LEFT.GRADUALLY SHE COULD ATTAIN RELIEF FROM HER DISTRESSING MENTAL AND PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS WITH THE AID OF HOMOEOPATHY

This is not cure, but palliation only.

yes .if an organ is lost there is no question of vital force reacting to it.THIS CASE IS NOT PRESENTED WITH THE INTENTION OF PUBLISHING AMONG THE CURED already mentioned in this case we can't avoid hormone therapy.we know ,as per dr kent's 12 observations how  a remedy may act if there is organ loss or damage.this discussion is intented to explore the scope of homoepathy where conventional interventional methods doesn't give satisfactory results and homoeopathy helps.the major reason for avoiding thyroidectomy amongst patients are these post operative homoepathy provides immense help.

Tvyroidectomy is a form of surgical suppression. The organ itself is removed. If it is total require supplementation....with hormone...interesting to note would we able to reduce the dose....but true idea in this case would only be palliation...

Dr. Sanjana, you have higlighted an important area of post surgical homeo-therapuetics. Its certainly interesting.

The concept of cure and palliation exist only in the heads of the homeopathic practitioners, as for a sufferer it is only the relief which is of paramount importance and the rightly chosen remedies will strive to reach that end.

Kudos to your efforts. Keep doing the good work.



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