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Role of Homoeopathy in Hemorrhoids with Miasmatic Concepts

Just found this really good link which I'd like to share with you.

Role of Homoeopathy in Haemorrhoids With Miasmatic Concepts

Somehow fb does good job to get all the homeopaths together, but here is a totally professional safe environment.

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Dear Yvonne. Somehow I think this may have been posted already by our resident administrator Dr Rajneesh Sharma, who works with the author of this magnificent paper, Dr Ruchi. I also appreciate that you realize the communal power of the HWC website composed of friends of homeopathy. Remember this network is open for public view, so everyone can learn from the Master's here.
I didn't see that Debby, I just wanted to share it, maybe I should have checked around. This is a really good book though.
Thank you for sharing Yvonne. We appreciate having our HWC members teachings on the network.
This dessertation was prepared by Dr. Ruchi Rajput under my guidence when she was doing her BHMS.


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