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You've heard the message, "The grass is greener on the other side," which implies that people think others have it better. However, this project, "Rocking The Boat" impacts an entire community through a restoration project. The environment has the ability to heal, which promotes the idea in the minds of young people that "they" have the ability to heal, effect their living spaces, get in touch with nature, dip their oars in the water, glide down the river, glimpse the skyline, breath in the oxygen from the lush trees and find their purpose.


Each of us have been presented with opportunities in our small neighborhoods. With the leadership of just one or more people working together, the entire community may be uplifted and improved. A new vision for its future bringing hope in its wake. 


Young people can think more positively about their homes when they see the possibilities before them. Getting involved with nature, whether it means planting a garden, starting to clean up trash, removing negative elements or eye sores, opening up the space and becoming empowered makes a difference. 


When viewing the film about the "Rock The Boat" project, what images make the greatest impression? 

  • Watching the young people rowing in the boat illustrates for me the energy that can move them forward. Putting in the work ethic, the team work.

  • Viewing the vista's of river nature, where once Indians used the water as their water highways to navigate from place to place.

  • Scanning the skyline to observe the architecture, realization of the capacity of mankind to invent and build structures that last and inspire.

  • Inviting as the water may be to cool off on a hot summer's day, the participants may easily be motivated to take the next step to clean up the polluted river, so they can swim and drink the liquid by taking legislative action against manufacturers dumping effluent or investing in their own city to prevent run-off from sewers. 


A brilliant concept that has become a reality!



Rocking The Boat

Rocking The Boat Summer Program where teenagers become scientists as they study the aquatics of river life, lose weight through activity, build a colonial style boat, learn to love the river, appreciate each other and build character and self esteem.


Just imagine!

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This is exactly what teenagers need for summer activities. These activities are fantastic, picturesque, exciting, full of discoveries and adventures. Theories are practiced in the ecosystem with excellent teachers and guides. Who wants summer-camps where the younglings and teenagers practice the oppression of the weaker and as many of us say, - "The not enough "beautiful" ones"? These summer-camps are very useful for everybody. At these camps children learn patience, attention, get experiences and skills for their ordinary and future professional lives. Those who spent at least one summer in theses camps will learn and communicate easier. In Hungary (Poland, Russia and their former-countries) these summer-camps were very popular and every school offered at least one on these camps for their students. Unfortunately, in the past 20 years in Hungary these camps were forgotten due to the greed that infected the "new" politicians who destroyed almost everything that is the part of our geographic, cultural and scientific heritage. In the past year these and all those needed and popular habits are coming back into the society's life. Thanks for the few ones who kept them alive. Now, it's up to the Governments and the people to bring back these forgotten habits.


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