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"Retention of Strength and Potency of Homeopathic Remedies"

After ten years of experience in the field of classical homoeopathy using the classical single remedy method, I have noticed something about the remedies used. Through my cases, I am finding that when I use the dilution of homoeopathic medicine poured upon the globules that are two, three or more years ago (older original preparation), that these act better compared to newly prepared medicines. This means compared to homeopathic remedy dilutions that are poured upon the pills (Globule) within 2 or 3 days or immediately just before the dispensing medicine.


My question to the entire community is whether this is only my experience or others are finding the same results?

Please tell me about this

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Habib - I do not have any experience with this phenomena. I think when a remedy does not work for someone then it is the wrong remedy and I will look for another more appropriate remedy.
We can't be sure, about this phenomena unless and until, we have proper statistics to prove it.
Not only that the powder retained the medicinal power, the most astonishing reality is that fever, lasting for many days, came down within minutes, which is almost impossible with modern drugs.
And prescribed on one symptom only.It is amazing.Homeopaths looking for trail of symptoms can learn from this case.Simple and accurate homeopthy.
Though a "one symptom" case but it is peculiar and characteristic also.We all learn from each others experience.
These sort of cases, convey us that Homeopathy never fails, if followed in it's true spirit.
Respected sir K.C Chandaran thank you, for discuss this case, your discussion support my experience, actually this experience is purely practical. I have two type of medicine in my clinic, liquid dilution, and four to five or more years old medicated pills. When I realize to prescribe only few dose of medicine to my patient, I give to him few old medicated pills with the powder of sugar of milk. instead it when i realize to give some successive dose of same medicine in same potency, I give to him few pills of 30 number medicated by dilution just befor dispensing of medicine. but patient reply is astonishing for me that he reply to me, doctor your previous dose of medicine is more effective. first time i think, it is only a psychology of patient, but same answer replied by different patient. then I think it may pe possible that old medicated pills is more potent compare to newly one. I think it is time factor which increase the potency of medicine. Thanks for valuble comment.


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