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It has been my desire that we have section on HWC where we can have all the research papers published in the past which may have caused a ripple in the scientific world to be available to our members on this portal without hunting else where.For example the research done by Dr Rustam Roy,and many others.One other example could be of the research done by Dr Beneviste,who was condemned by vested interest and finally passed away a sad end.

There are many papers published in India which can also be added to this list,or at least their site could be identified to locate them when required. I know that Dr Quack a popular contributor on Hpathy did provide such a list but i am unable to locate it.

How ever with the help of members this site can come alive in shortest possible time. It can have videos of popular experiments done and links to these with short notes can add to our knowledge and knowledge of our future Homeopaths.

I now appeal to all our members to contribute to this site,and help in spreading the knowledge of Homeopathy for now and forever.Your candid comments can help in its true spirit.     


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Dear Gary:
What do you understand as "applied rationale homoepathic practice"?
Dr Avesani
Gary my idea was not cured cases as proof of the working of homeopathy,but its the so called mystery of its working that has become the bone of contention and being nailed as vodoo,placebo,unscientific,etc etc that worries me.

I would like homeopathy to be in line with mainstream health system, this can only happen when it can be shown to the world through science in more acceptable way.Till then media,airwaves,and the so called peer journals of science will continue to play a double faced game by writing in one breath that it works and ridiculing it in the next.

I know that it works,has been working for past 100+ years,but as each year passes we find opposition to it growth,probably it pinches "their"toes.

Do we sit tight?Or we buckle up to do more?
Has in the past any research been done on what you state?

"Hahnemann stated that it was the "vital force" (reactive process, immune system whatever) that actually produced the disease state. If this simple statement is the key to exhibition of symptoms in a person after being infected with an infecting agent (miasm), then the answer lies within the realms of reactive process.

Researchers for homoeopathy need to be looking in that direction...."

If this angle of research has not been done,then where and how in science,whether it be Chemistry,physics,quantum physics,it need to be proved,and the mystery cleared out.

I fully agree with you that Hahnemanns Homeopathy,which can be and is the original way of practicing homeopathy remains in its pristine form.Other approach to treatment call it what you may still utilizes the medicines which to date are based on its formulations based on the laws of Organon.

So there is a definite difference in So called Hahnemann's methodology which is true homeopathy,and then the newer type of approach,which differs in the philosophy and approach as laid down in Organon.

It is time to ponder on this subject,as to what is homeopathy and what is not homeopathy.
There is a very good and deeply bibiography with explanation of each trial regardin effectiviness of Homeopathy, the author is Dr Robert Medhurst. If you can get it I can give you.
Dr Avesani
Thank you Dr Wequar for making this appeal and letting others know they can post this type of information within this FORUM DISCUSSION CATEGORY: Homeopathic-Research

In regards to Gary's responses, I'm wondering if you are just asking people to post Research Papers, rather than "Proofs" particularly geared towards homeopathy.
This research material presentation is my own thinking and has nothing to do with any other person. i have had this in mind when i just came to HWC.

Homeopathy is being bullied by many and one reason is absence of serious research and its presentation to the world where skeptics are always ready to find faults in many facets of homeopathy,one example,often people ask how can a minute pill dissolved in a bottle be considered a medicine to cure a cancer or diabetes; another what happens when you ask to bang or shake the bottle to increase its power or potency.Have we established an answer? Not as yet but theories abound.Above a certain potency there is no sign of any drug or medicine;

I am not questioning the efficacy of homeopathic system and its medicine.It is alive simply because it has been working all this time,since Hahnemann gifted this to the world.Neither i am interested what modes are being employed for diagnosing and treating.As long as the planet is inhabited by people there will be different views,that includes homeopathy.I am not interested in that too,as i can stick to the original method and still survive.A classic is a classic, any other can be anything but classic.Hahnemann's is classic,and deserves to be respected as such.

Having said that i only want that homeopathy should get its due place as a respectable medical and established science at par with other discipline.

Presenting cure and discussing case is another aspect of homeopathy which is art and science combined but it doesn't still answer many question which arise.How do we get answer,or we remain silent spectator.

It is for this reason i started this discussion,so that scientific research papers on the premise"how homeopathy works" is available for those interested. Rustom Roy's research though old is one of them.
The following address has many research done on Homeopathy and can prove helpful to HWC members who have interest in background of homeopathic research. It is being provided here so that we have a place where scientific papers on Homeopathy can be easily accessed.
A Vastly Incomplete List of Scientific Research Behind Homeopathy
This address also has many research papers on homeopathy,and can be used for further research work on homeopathy and as a reference guide.


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