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It seems, that the original idea by U.S. government scientists comes back. Before promoting uranium reactors they were researching the possibilities of thorium-fueled reactors to make nuclear power cheap like coal. Later on in 1974 as a result of the promotion of the uranium-fueled reactors the research on thorium has been stopped.

And now picking up the original idea China has already started to focus on a liquid fluoride thorium reactors (LFTRs) as a solution for its increasing power demand:

But what do we, homeopaths know about the element Thorium?

First let's talk about its bigger context, the Actinides in the Periodic table. The Actinides are placed in a separate table under the Lanthanides. See Periodic table:

Margriet Plouvier wrote about the homeopathic pictures of the Actinides. Within the general pictures of the Actinides I tried to place the Thorium symptoms, citing her own words.

Thorium is discovered just before the element Radium. The element is radioactive and has a long-term half-life. The radioactivity is for 90% about alpha-radiation. Thorium is found in pechblende together with Uranium and Radium. It is been used in gas mantles of gas-lights. In medicine Thorium is used as Thorotrast ( Thorium-dioxide ), a fluid contrast in X-ray investigation in the period 1928-1953. The remedy was soluble in water and is used in bronchography, pyelography, mammogrphy, fistulography and to x-ray cavities of the body. The most important purpose for use was: angiography. Thorotrast is abandoned because it was collected in cells of the reticulo-endothelial system ( iver, spleen and bone-marrow) and produced granulomas. Extra-vasation on the place of injection caused granulomas as well, leading to compression of organs. Late consequences of the use of Thorotrast are the form of fibroids and the grow of malignant tumors in liver, spleen and bone-marrow. This happens after a latent period of 10-35 years. Acute leukaemia was found after a latent period of 2-35 years. Investigation of chromosomes showed deviations.

According to the Stadiums of Jan Scholten (The Homeopathy and the Elements, 1996) Thorium is placed in Stage 4: Established, Found. Open, Start. Determine, Official. Enter, Decide. Astonish. Partly, Half.



2. To communicate, to listen: They start to communicate in the sense of making a statement and then withdraw. They do not mingle into discussion as if they are astonished about their own courage to say something. But they do not dare to stay on the subject; this is how they get stuccoed. It is like they are obliged to think it over and over again.

3. Wisdom,reflection: They are on the way to be conscious about their wisdom and insight, being surprised about it. This they use to assent people. They recognize feelings as reasonable and they give people time to talk. They listen carefully, but they recapitulate in a statement only.

4. To observe, to perceive: They recognize what is going on and they are able to change a situation at the moment it arises. To mingle into discussion confuses them, they move from observer to arbiter and get stuck.

5. Overview, transparency: They analyze the situation and determine, but they get stuck as soon as they give their opinion. They are surprised to have such a sharp idea, but they are not able to talk it over, they just say what they know. Unless their good ideas they are enclosed again and again.

6. Sensitivity, sympathy, compassion: They know very well feelings that belong to situations and they tell about it, but then it's done. They give a conclusion, that's all. At that moment it looks like everything is been said. The conversation silts up.

7. Universal truth: They put everything on general interest, but it sticks on them. They try to convince themselves by talking to others, but doing so they loose the thread of conversation.


9. Old Age: To foresee how things will go suits the old age, they foresee and diagnose, instead of keeping silence and let it happen. Again they show their statement.

10. Magic, Shamanism.

11. Archetype: the testifier, the joker, the clown.


Dreams: Breaking glass, clairvoyant dreams, to be out of the body and go elsewhere.

Delusions: Tantric feelings.

Emotion: Alternating mood.

Symptoms and signs:

Granulomas with malignancy. Local carcinoma and cancer in liver, spleen, glands and bone marrow. Lymphatic and myeloid leukemia.

Fibrose of the spleen, cirrhose of the liver.

Abdomen: cramping pain in hypochondrium R=L

Chest: pain m. pectoralis minor<deep respiration.

Back: pain 4e and 6e vertebra.

General: one side.

DD. Granitum, Uranium.


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Thank you so much for this information. 

My pleasure, dear Debby.

Ildi always comes out with very interesting topics!

Thank you, you are very kind. Debby motivated me to start a topic about the thorium-fueled reactors and I took the possibility to write about the homeopathic picture of the Thorium and its context as well. :)

The following information comes from Debby, thank you!

Disney / Marvel

The Norwegian government, in concert with U.S.-based Westinghouse and Norway’s Thor Energy, is facilitating a trial of what could potentially be the energy source of the future: thorium.

Thorium boosters, including Bill Gates, say it has many advantages over conventional nuclear energy generated by uranium.

Those advantages include:

  • It is estimated to be 3-4 times more abundant than uranium.
  • Vastly more power can be generated from a unit of thorium vs. uranium.
  • Its waste can be re-used as nuclear fuel, and less waste is produced.
  • Thorium plants are considered meltdown-proof.

Still, uncertainty and the need for more research and infrastructure have limited thorium investment .

It may seem surprising that Norway, the largest oil producer in Europe, is aggressively pursuing this alternative source of energy. However, the nation has always been a proponent of nuclear energy, though its attempts to develop domestic plants petered out in the 1960s – and Norway has extensive reserves of thorium. (In fact, thorium was discovered by a Norwegian mineralogist and named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder.) 

Other nations actively evaluating the potential of thorium energy include China and India.

Norway’s test is designed to be compatible with existing infrastructure, and thus will not exhibit the optimal form of thorium energy. The trial will use a heavy-water nuclear reactor, while experts have insisted that molten salt or pebble bed reactors maximize the benefits  of this energy source.


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