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After repertriosing a one case from diffrent diffrent repertory why medicine comes differ from each other dont u think so it is very lacking point of repertory dont u think that their is need of some specific parameter which guied us towards simillimum and that particular case if given to any homeopath the indicated remedy should be same?

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Dear Dr Sameer,
Repertory is a tool available with us to ease the selection of similimum. Each repertory has a philosophical base in its construction.
The use of repertory is according to the symptoms / patient data available with us. This data has to be analysed and the repertory with the relevant philosophy is to be used for repertorisation.
If we have more of mental symptoms then Kent repertory and its modern derivatives will be of use.
If we have more of particular symptoms then Boger Boenninghausen repertory will be of use.
If the philosophical base of the repertory and the data available are a mismatch, the purpose of repertory is defeated. Then it is like killing an Ant with a Cannon or trying to kill an Elephant with a shoe.
Furthermore, even after using a correct repertory, we just narrow down to a group of remedies which are close to the case and the similimum has to be selected only after reference of these in the Materia medica.
Finally, Dr S R Pathak defines “Best Repertory” as “the one which a physician makes himself.”
Hope this has cleared your doubts about repertory application.
thanks a lot sir now really my concepts are clear about repertory thanking you
Dear Dr Sameer,

If you want to fix a loosened screw with a good screwdriver, but you cannot perform it satisfactorily, will you blame the screwdriver for it? No, your vision should be checked or the problem lies with your grip. Isn't it? Screwdriver is a mere tool.

Repertory is also a tool, very effective as well as very sharp instrument- as sharp as razor's edge. Its efficacy depends upon its user. There are different types of repertories backed by different philosophies. We, the homoeopaths have to be well accustomed with all of them. Our patients, they are the ultimate deciders. How they are manifesting themselves to us will decide which repertory we should use for them. As Dr Dhari rightly said.... if our case is full of strong generals we must be with the Kentian school of thought. If his complaints are related to his parts only and lacks generalities we have to switch ourselves towards Boenninghausennian concept. But if our clients have strong causations, clear Pathological Generals in parts as well as in general levels the Boger's approach will do marvels.

This is the art. The art of choosing repertory according to the case presentations. Otherwise we will pick up an anti-aircraft gun to combat an enemy submarine or fire a torpedo to fight against an air attack!!! ------ And at last blame the weapons stupidly instead of correcting ourselves.

thanks a lot sir now really my concepts are clear about repertory thanking you
Repertory is like a ladder. Your movements will decide whether you will ascend or descend by using this ladder.



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