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This is a small item, but I'm trying to figure out how to repertorize flaky peeling lips. No other area is affected.

I'm not looking for a remedy, just how to repertorize this particular symptom.

Any ideas?  

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You might look under 'picking lips' if this is a behavior attached to the lips (mouth). In addition, there is FACE: DRYNESS, lips in Kent. Any type of pain or sensation attributed to this condition?
No other pain, sensation, or other symptom. Picking at lips doesn't quite cover it in this case, as it isn't behavior that's at issue. And it isn't dryness, either - though it would seem like it. It's simply flaking and peeling.

I know it's weird. You'd expect there to be something more associated with it. The only thing I can think of is that the lower lip is much worse than the upper lip. They aren't dry, rough, crusty, or cracking. Just flaking and peeling constantly.

Thanks for the suggestions, Debby. I wasn't familiar with the Kent rubric - kinda shocked not to find it in either Murphy or the Complete, though it's right there in Kent, just as you said. If nothing else comes up, I'll go back to that. Perhaps Kent focused on the response to the real symptom?
The other option is sometimes to find this symptom listed in other parts of the body in the repertory and apply it to the case.

You can also search Desquamation: desquamate |ˈdeskwəˌmāt|
verb [ intrans. ] (of a layer of cells, e.g., of the skin) come off in scales or flakes : [as adj. ] ( desquamated) desquamated cells.

This is located under SKIN: ERUPTIONS, dequamating KENT page 1311 at least 50 remedies.

FACE: ERUPTIONS: Desquamating: Apis, ars, bell, canth, chin-s, hydr, kali-ar, lach, merc, ol-an, phos, psor, puls, rhus-t, rhus-v, sulph, thuj
DRY: Ars, kali-i, led, lyc, psor, sep
Page 368

page 370
Thank you! That sounds like what I've been missing - the word desquamating. That's exactly what flaking skin means!

You're a life saver, Debby!
How did I know? My brain is a sieve, yet is remembers the weirdest things?
Sounds just like my mind! As long as you remember what I don't and I remember what you don't, we ought to make a great whole.
FACE - PEELING off of lips
acon. allox. aloe alum. am-m. anac. ant-t. aphis apis ars. arum-t. bell. berb. brom. camph. canth. caps. cham. choc. cob. coli. con. iod. Kali-c. kali-chl. kreos. lac-c. mang. mez. mosch. nat-c. nat-m. nat-s. neon nit-ac. Nux-v. plat. plb. puls. rhus-t. sep. sil. stram. sul-ac. sulph. symph. thuj. thyr.
Ref -Synthesis 9
Dear members
rubrics as follows;
Lips: Boe. TT.:p.42
Skin pealing: Boe. TT.: 210

also boger SK: Lips pealing: 66 +387
Thank you all for the help.

The repertories I generally use are Murphy & Complete (mostly via MacRep, but also in print). I have Kent, Boger, Boerike (but in a form that's hard to us), and others.

The problem has been solved. Debby's info from Kent did the trick. The remedy is Kali Arsenicum.

The reason I'm so sure of the result is that the patient is me and, after a month of constantly peeling lips, the problem was stopped in its tracks. Not a hint of peeling since taking the remedy (30C) last night.

Interesting, I think, that the remedy was not found in desquamating of lips, but was in desquamating of face.

Thanks, everyone. This has been a good lesson for me - expand my use of different repertories and expand my knowledge of repertorial terminology.

One more thing: I'm definitely going to start using Kent routinely. His repertory seems to be the only one that included Kali arsenicum, the remedy that was right!

One more lesson: I shall use more repertories on MacRep. I found the other rubrics that Hans, Joy, and Dr. Dushyant referenced on checking there.

That's one major limitation of MacRep - the inability to search more than one repertory at a time.
This was a great exercise Heidi. So happy you found a match!


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