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Female, age 62, complains of sore shoulder for many years. Massage, yoga, exercise have all helped but pain continues and suddenly worsens this year for no apparent reason. Orthpaedic surgeon consulted and says he could operate on it, and then she would have
6-9 months of immobilization followed by physiotherapy, and he does not give a hopeful prognosis.

Arnica comes to mind, of course, as do symphytum, ruta, and bellis p.

Has anyone handled a similar case? I'm looking for case histories rather than simple suggestions. One of you may have had success with a remedy that does not stand out in my repertorization, and which upon examination fits the case very well.

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Oh -- meant to say -- the MRI showed that the tear was just under 6mm.
Thank you so much Dr. Rajneesh. Conium briefly crossed my mind but I didn't follow up on it. At the time I was thinking of another patient with some induration.
Sir, location, modalities, sensation will help to differentiate the remedies from among the list.
Thank you Dr. Valerian. I will certainly take all that into account.
I also encountered some of such cases in my practice.Once the diagnosis were made.I didn't bother at all about the pathology. I took the generals in to consideration and selected the remedy.The results were as desired.I am not presenting the case histories, and preferring to give the methodology I adopted in all of such cases.
Thanks, Dr.Sushil.
If the rupture of the tendon is complete, no use of giving a medicine! Because, the moment it ruptures, the muscle contracts and pulled backwards. Hence, the only method is to operate, and pull the muscle back to its original position and then suture. If the the rupture is not complete, then we can give a medicine like rhus tox, ruta, etc.

Dr Rafeeque,that sounds logical and tangible; My experience with Ruta in ruptured tendon bears what you have stated.

Sanguinaria 30 helps me lot for this problem ....Aggravation by turning in bed. Followed by physiotherapy. It took 9 months.
Had not considered Sang. Will certainly look into it. Thanks, Dr. Prabhat.
Welcome Dr.Arnold
I was suffering from this problem due to traumatic injury 2 yrs back. I took Arnica & Ruta but Sang 30 single dose helps me lot.. in my shoulder pain.


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