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In my practice, I get a number of cases with renal failure. But, I am only able to palliate such cases and reduce the creatinine levels for some period of time.

Unfortunately on a long run I am unable to maintain the palliation. Initially, while treating a case with renal failure, homeopathic medicines acts wonderfully and I feel proud to say that I have been able to treat cases, which were in their death bed. However, all the treatments I have given were only temporary. Can some of the doctors try to throw some light about their experience in treating such cases?

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Dr Nishant ~ perhaps you can give some instances and what remedies were palliating. What symptoms improved and what returned? These must have been chronic conditions, I'm assuming.

Please do check this site: The imperial school
Their approach and application is in the accordance to what Hahnemann taught 200 years ago plus correlation with the latest advances in proteomics and genetics.

The proteomics approach seem to be interesting...

Incidentally Dr. Shreepad and his team have evolved from Dr. Vijaykars 'Predictive Homeopathy'

Dear Debby
i shall formulate a case of renal failure which i am finding difficult to treat and post it

Dear Dr Nishant
A complex subject
Homeopathy must be used in the form of its original theory and not by means of treatment of a 'disease'.
This is where the homeopath faulters,
Many allopaths who are also homeopath do this.

Back to the original question:
What can homeopathy do for renal failure?
My answer would be ;
to have these cases looked at via an anti miasmatic/constitutional approach.
The constitution of the patient,requires a deep acting remedy
what is the leading miasm in this patient antimiasmatic prescription that will confirm the constitution prescription and what is the acute stage or layer in this patient

I am living proof of such a patient. Prior to becoming a homeopath I, myself, was a renal failure victim with decades of horrible allopathic treatments that lead me close to my death bed. The use of homeopathy (constitutional/anti-miasmatic prescribing) cured me of this life long death sentence. Palliation is wonderful but often it is a form of suppression. Deep acting cure is 100% possible. I won't write down the remedies that cure renal failure as this is of no use to a classical homeopath who prescribed via constitution. Its according to each individual, as you most probably already know. 


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