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now a days refractive errors get increased . even in small age high myopic childs are there . my topic is that can any one  corrects high myopiya, metropiya or other refractive errors  with our homnoeo medicines ? if yes --then which are these specific medicines that help much & constitutions of your cases ? can we remove lenses?glasses ?

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Dr Makarand.The following rubrics may be of help in taking care of Myopia/Hypermetropia:


Myopia : Hering

Near-sightedness, myopia : Boericke

Eye strain with near-sightedness Boericke

Acquired myopia, resulting from ciliary or eyelashes spasm (Hering)

Detachment of retina from myopia; severe attacks of neuralgia (Hering)

Eyes become weak and ache, from overwork or fine work; myopia (Hering)

Chorio-retinitis in myopic patients with sclerectasia posterior and fluidity of vitreous, with floating opacities in it (Hering)

Choroiditis in a myopic eye in eyes on trying to look at objects, heat in eye though it seems cold, and twitching in balls (Hering)

Similarly you may find more.


Longsighted (Kent)

Longsightedness (Boericke)

Hypermetropia; presbyopia (Hering)

Longsighted from over use of eyes in detailed work (Kent)

Asthenopia red, as if from crying, with hypermetropia from sun or gas-light (Hering)
Dr Sushil
thank you for kind cooperation . it helps lot . but my question is that can we remove glasses/lenses by our medicines? if ya then up to what level . waiting for reply .
Dear Dr. Makarand.It is a difficult question to answer.

As you are aware Homoeopathic medicines act on a dynamic plane and each remedy acts as a stimulant to the vital force, if selected correctly. And it further depends upon the then state of the Vital force, so, the results may differ from patient to patient.
Excellent. Thank you very much.


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