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Articles & personal written notes in GMO, GEO & GE topic. We have daily news that are published by different news agencies and websites. The bottom links are the latest by date.



2011 April 11
Hungary became the first country to ensure its people’s “material and mental health” by guaranteeing “an agriculture free of GMOs” in its new Fundamental Law.


April 17, 2011

Hungary firmly against GM seeds, says official:

Hungary will uphold strict measures against genetically modified (GM) seeds, a deputy state secretary of the Rural Development Ministry told a press conference on Thursday. Lajos Bognar said that the government would also seek an amendment to the Penal Code to introduce strict punishment for distributors of seeds polluted with genetically modified organisms (GMO). He added that Hungary's GMO-free status was an important, strategic asset.


 May 24, 2013

Hungary decided to eliminate all plantations using GMO seeds from Monsanto. According to the Minister of Rural Development Lajos Bognar, around 500 hectares of corn crops were burned this week - equivalent to five million square meters. The intention is that the country has no produce originating from genetically modified material.

(article 1article 2 - article 3) (pdf 1pdf 2 - pdf 3)


February 16, 2015

USDA Approves GMO Arctic Apples Despite Opposition

- "Arctic” Granny Smith and Golden Delicious GM apple -

(article - pdf)

March 2017

EPA Official Accused of Helping Monsanto `Kill' Cancer Study
(article 1pdf 1article 1apdf 1aarticle 1b - pdf 1b)

Articles and documents in this subject from the earlier years:



GE animals:

2011 July 1 - Hajdú-Bihar County, Hungary.

  • The Hungarian Central Agricultural Office ordered an immediate repeal of 470 hectares of GMO corn after they found GMO contamination in several specimens. (NHGKTFAM - pdf) (G470HMAKT100M)

Genetic Modification Wins: Rogue USDA Hands It All to Monsanto.

  • ...the USDA quietly issued a press release stating that they will not regulate Monsanto's Roundup Ready Scotts Kentucky Bluegrass. By not regulating it, they are allowing it to be sold without any regulation of any sort. Monsanto will be able to sell its glyphosate-resistant grass seeds at will. You can expect to see corporate entities, like golf courses, plant those seeds and then madly spray soil-sterilizing glyphosate everywhere...(GMWRUSDAIATM) 

GMOs, GEOs: ‘Africa is not the place for these things’.

  • Anne Maina of the African Bio-diversity Network says the introduction of patented seeds and related chemicals into Kenya’s farming systems threatens the country’s agricultural practices, its livelihoods, the environment, “and undermines our seed sovereignty”...(GMOSGEOSAINTPFTT)

Kenyans again protest GMO imports.

  • ...The House (Parliamentary) Committee on Agriculture has also warned that opening up the country to genetically modified products would endanger lives...(KAPGMOI) (another article)

Hungary Destroys All Monsanto GMO Maize/Corn Fields.

Hungary destroys all GMO maize fields.

  • ...The GMO maize has been ploughed under, said Lajos Bognar, but pollen has not spread from the maize, he added. Unlike several EU members, GMO seeds are banned in Hungary... PS: Compensation of farmers is solved...(HDAGMOMF)

 GM maize destroyed on 950 hectares in Hungary.

Hungary to continue battle against GM seeds.

  • Hungarian authorities plan to make distribution of genetically modified (GM) seeds a felony, an agriculture official said here Thursday... (HTCBAGMS)

Hundreds of links to articles, news, research materials about GMOs ...

South Korean scientists create glowing dog.

  • A research team from Seoul National University (SNU) said the genetically modified female beagle, named Tegon and born in 2009, has been found to glow fluorescent green under ultraviolet light if given a doxycycline antibiotic, the report said... (SKSCGD)

Organic Foods Have Broad Appeal, But Costs Temper Demand.

  • So in the latest NPR-Thomson Reuters Health Poll, we asked more than 3,000 adults across the country about their attitudes toward organic food...(OFHBABCTD) (NPR report Organic Foods.pdf)

EWG Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce.

What's really in the food? The A to Z of the food industry's most evil ingredients.

  • ..a short list that covers all the most toxic and disease-promoting ingredients in the food supply... (WRITFTAZOTFIMEI)

Monarch Butterflies: Latest Victims of Monsanto.

  • The rampant planting of genetically modified seeds is threatening the survival of monarch butterflies...(MBLVOM)

Monsanto - Resistant Weeds Take Root, Raising Food Prices.

  • ...More than 11 million acres, up from just 2.4 million in 2007, are now infested with Roundup-resistant varieties... (MRWTRRFP) (MSSGTIDDFE) (WDTUSDAJDANGMC 1 & 2)

Review of Genetic Armageddon video report by Alex Jones at InfoWars.

  • The illegal cloning of humans taking place right now in secret labs around the world. Human / animal "chimera" embryos (part human, part cow) and mad science experiments being pursued right now. GMOs and the destruction of the seed supply through "terminator" gene technology. Corporations cloning animals to grow and harvest human transplant organs... (ROGAVRBAJAIW)

New Herbicide Suspected in Tree Deaths page 1 & page 2.

  • A recently approved herbicide called Imprelis, widely used by landscapers because it was thought to be environmentally friendly, has emerged as the leading suspect in the deaths of thousands of Norway spruces, eastern white pines and other trees on lawns and golf courses across the country... (NHSITD page 1 & page 2) (WOFKC page 1 & page 2 - Aminopyralid)

NaturalNews publishes Rawesome Foods raid search warrant.

  • The warrant goes on to state that the law enforcement agents should search "all rooms, attics, refrigerators, freezers... purses, wallets, briefcases and vehicles of both James Stewart (Rawesome Foods) and Sharon Palmer (Healthy Family Farms)."... (NPRFRSW)
  • Photos from Rawesome Foods raid. (PFRFR)

Trio of Los Angeles raw food advocates reportedly charged with raw milk conspiracy (update 1).

  • ...As NaturalNews previously reported, the SWAT-style raid was conducted like a terrorist operation, where the cops immediately went after Rawesome's cash and then began vandalizing and destroying the store's entire inventory... (TOLARFARCWRMC)

Pocket safe food guide 2 (2011) - India issued by Greenpeace India.

Timeline of FDA raids on raw milk farmers, dietary supplement makers and natural medicine practitioners.

  • ...a real good article from the Health Range, which reveals for us how the Authorities exceed their power for the sake of those who control them...the most shameful is that they use trumped-up laws, pseudo-scientific reports and arms to serve the off the rails group of greedy, selfish and arrogant people...lie and double play is also the part of those "officials"... (TOFDARORMFDSMANMP)

Bulletproof skin with a little spider assistance.

  • ..."This is possible by adding the silk-producing genes of a spider to the gnome of a human: creating a bulletproof human," the reported said. (BSKWALSA)

FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques. 

  • ...The existence of this elaborate spying operation has been confirmed by NaturalNews through three different sources, all of which demanded anonymity as they fear being targeted by the FDA... (FDASWORMFUKGBSSAIT)

Radiation-induced mutation breeding of plants was precursor to modern-day GMOs.

The Murky World of High-Fructose Corn Syrup.

  • ...The male rats did not reach adulthood. They had anemia, high cholesterol and heart hypertrophy--that means that their hearts enlarged until they exploded. They also had delayed testicular development...The livers of the rats on the high fructose diet looked like the livers of alcoholics, plugged with fat and cirrhotic."... (TMWOHFCS) ( article 1)

Rootworm could be resistant to genetically modified crops.

ConAgra sued for label fraud, GMO oils labeled 100% Natural. (article 1) (article 2)

News Roundup in a mad world.
India vs. Monsanto: seeds of discord.

  • For the first time ever, a country - India - is accusing a multinational company of "bio-piracy". That means stealing indigenous plants, and then trying to develop genetically modified versions of them... Watch the video.
  • What happened earlier: (article 1) (article 2) (article 3) (article 4) (article 5)

'No Food Rights’ Judge quits to work for Monsanto law firm.

  • (PDF- with URLs in the text)

GMO Researchers Attacked, Evidence Denied, and a Population at Risk.

  • Biologist Arpad Pusztai had more than 300 articles and 12 books to his credit and was the world's top expert in his field. But when he accidentally discovered that genetically modified (GM) foods are dangerous... (GMORAEDAAPAR)

Why Is the State Department Using Our Money to Pimp for Monsanto? (WITSDUOMTPFM) (article - SDUTMTPGMOIOC)

  • The State Department is using taxpayer money to help force genetically modified crops on other countries.

Tests Show Most Store Honey Isn't Honey.
Food Safety News decided to test honey sold in various outlets after its earlier investigation found U.S. groceries flooded with Indian honey banned in Europe as unsafe because of contamination with antibiotics, heavy metal and a total lack of pollen which prevented tracking its origin. (TSMSHIH) (article - SFMT75POAHSIGSCNHAABDU)

Florida Prisoner Suing Over ‘Cruel And Unusual’ Soy-Based Meals.

  • The foundation began receiving complaints from Florida prisoners in 2009, when cooks replaced 60-70 percent of meat in meals with soy substitutes. They claimed to suffer from a myriad of health problems... (FPSOCAUSBM) (article - FPGMSPMBCAUP)

FDA Denies Citizen Petitions on Animal Antibiotics. (FDACPOAA) (article)

Gamma-Irradiated, Virus-Sprayed FRANKENFOODS.

  • Labeled, or not, irradiated food is exposed to the same ionizing gamma-radiation that destroyed life in Hiroshima and Chernobyl. (GIVSF)

Congress nullified as new, illegal "supercommittee" pushes secret farm bill that will cost billions. (CNANISPSFBTWCB)

  • Bypassing representatives to concentrate power with the elite...


Tester to FDA: High fructose corn syrup isn’t “sugar”. (TTFDAHFCSIS) (article)

Bird Flu Research Rattles Bioterrorism Field.

  • ...It's just a bad idea for scientists to turn a lethal virus into a lethal and highly contagious virus. And it's a second bad idea for them to publish how they did it so others can copy it... (BFRRBF) (article)

BASF applies for EU approval for Fortuna GM potato.

  • The world's largest chemical maker by sales said on Monday it had asked for clearance for Fortuna, covering commercial cultivation and consumption by humans and animals. (article 1 - article 2)

Genetically modified alfalfa and Roundup herbicides may create an agricultural disaster.

  • GE alfalfa and Roundup glyphosates and GMOs are capable of drifting from their fields to even organic alfalfa fields and infecting them. This may cripple a large sector of our food chain permanently. (GMAARGHMCAAD)

Don't be fooled by GMO-laden 'natural' cereals that pose as organic.

Hybrid Grapefruit Busts Drug Interactions.

  • The tangy fruits contain compounds called furanocoumarins, which can dangerously increase the effective dosage of some blood pressure and heart medications... (HGBDIHGBDI) (article)

10 Facts Why GM Food is Bad.

  • A very good article about the dangers of GMOs.

DHA used in infant formula products comes from genetically modified algae.

  • ...infants are being affected as chemical giant Martek Biosciences uses cronyism to have its patented GMO products classified as organic... (PDF 1 - PDF 2 - list of DHA products)

Oathkeepers Retracts Cannery Story; Original Source Denies Federal Agents Claim.

  • Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility...demand list of customers storing emergency food... (ORCS) (article)

Do Not Harm Invasive Species That Pollinate, Study Warns. (article)

California regulators frame Organic Pastures and force raw milk shut down over fabricated E. Coli scare.

  • ...Organic Pastures employs a rigorous food safety protocol called "RAMP" (Risk Analysis & Management Program) that "voluntarily goes far beyond what is required by the... (CRFOPAFRMSDOFECS) (articles - test results)

"For added freshness" label claim really means "added chemicals" when it comes to BHA and BHT.

  • ...Not to be confused with antioxidants that boost immunity, BHA & BHT are food criminals wearing friendly masks... (article 1article 2 - article 3)

Wholesale Approval of Genetically Engineered Foods - Obama Administration Disappoints/Angers Public.

  • ...2,4-D is a chlorophenoxy herbicide, and scientists around the world have reported increased cancer risks in association with its use, especially for soft tissue sarcoma and malignant lymphoma... (article)
  • The public can comment on Dow’s 2,4-D corn here.

Pesticides are not heart healthy.

  • ...Known to be a “major risk factor” for heart attacks and strokes, atherosclerosis is one of many health threats posed by POPs pesticides... (PANH)

Dow & Monsanto in deadly race on the pesticide treadmill.

  • ...Dow and USDA are hoping to quietly approve a new genetically engineered corn seed that basically swaps RoundUp (glyphosate) out and an even worse weedkiller (2,4-D)... (DMIDROTPT)

The struggle against methyl iodide: A year in review.

  • A highly cancer-causing chemical on strawberries... (TSAMIAYIR)

Raw-milk fans are getting a raw deal.

  • ...Queen Elizabeth drinks her milk raw. She reportedly thinks so highly of unpasteurized milk that, when her grandsons Princes William and Harry were students at Eton, she instructed herdsman Adrian Tomlinson to bottle up raw milk from her Windsor herd and deliver it to them at school...

There is no need for, or value in testing the safety of GM foods in humans.

  • ...Monsanto claims that its injection of foreign DNA into its GM crops is also automatically safe because, get this, DNA is present in natural crops as well... (TINNFOVITTSOGMFINH)

Cigarette tobacco leaves are genetically engineered to produce pesticides.

  • ...Tobacco "Frankenplants" are like viruses now, infected with over 4,000 chemicals which are not listed anywhere... (CTLAGETPP)

Powerful activism to demand labeling of GMOs - watch 'Labels Matter' and sign the petition now!

  • ...Part of the Just Label It campaign involves gathering signatures for an official legal petition to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to mandate GMO labeling... (PATDLOGMOSWLMASTPN) (link)

U.S. Juice Products Association wants you to drink more chemical fungicide in your orange juice.

Prisoners lawsuit against soy products given green light by judge.

  • ...The absurd amount of soy used in the Illinois prison system became so high that many prison inmates began to report severe health problems. WAP says it first started hearing from suffering inmates back in 2007 when many of them were reporting serious stomach and digestive tract pains, for instance, as well as heart palpitations, constipation alternating with serious diarrhea, hypothyroidism, thyroid disease, and chronic infections, among other things... (PLASPGGLBJ)

Hawaii GMO Justice Coalition calls for massive protest against GMOs on February 21.

  • On February 21, 2012 (at 12:30 pm) we are organizing a rally at the state capital to push for the passage of two laws, one is labeling of GMO Foods, the other is disclosure of field trial sites to allow people and farmers to decide if they want to live near a field trial site.

Bill Gates buys positive press spin on vaccines, GMOs.

  • Aaron Dykes of Prison Planet recently gave an insightful TV news presentation analyzing The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's influence over the media to promote their "world health and agriculture" agendas while soft pedaling the downside of all they're doing...

Genetically modified mosquitoes may soon be released in Florida. (article)

GMO Foods and the Damage to Human Babies, Placentas & Umbilical Cords.

  • ...Last week a young mom lost her baby in labor... suddenly FHT went from 150 to zero exactly 15 minutes between listening times... (GMOFATDTHBPUC)

List of Monsanto Investors (list 1 - list 2)

Equity company that helped buy NutraSweet from Monsanto also funds Sunny Delight, Fitness Quest and Mattress Firm.

  • ...many of the corporations responsible for purveying evil in our world today are conglomerates, which means they are owned by, or directly partnered with, other corporations that may or may not market or sell the same types of products as each other, but that together dominate large segments of the consumer marketplace... (ECTHBNFMAFSDFQAMF)

Fly Parasite Turns Honey Bees Into 'Zombies'.

  • The parasites that cause the transformation may provide a clue to the mysterious colony collapse disorder. (FPTHBIZ)

Monsanto corn: coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. (doc)

Monsanto found guilty in France for farmer's illness,

  • ...a French court last week declared Monsanto guilty in the chemical poisoning of a French farmer, a ruling that could - and should - lead to additional health claims against the use of pesticides....

You have to watch for what you pay. The dangers of vpn.

Study: Roundup diluted by 99.8 percent still destroys human DNA. (list)

Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto, Hundreds Converge in Support.

  • ...I don't want the companies who've already poisoned the earth and our personal environments with clever chemicals to own the genes of our crop plants and use them to threaten our farmers. They have already proved that they can't be trusted with our future... (article 1) (article 2)

NaturalNews issues urgent call for development of peer-to-peer alternative news distribution app.

  • ...The system will be used to issue daily news updates on topics like the global debt collapse, censorship of truthful speech, nuclear reactor leaks, FEMA camp activations, poisons in the food and water, deadly GMOs, government lies, media lies, election lies and anything else that is important for people to know to help restore a free society....

GMO Food Far Worse Than We Think.

  • ...The researchers also found that the insecticidal toxin produced by GM plants known as Cry1Ab was capable of causing cell death at 100 ppm concentrations... (doc) (article)

Bill Gates, Monsanto, and eugenics: How one of the world's wealthiest men is actively promoting a corporate takeover of global agriculture.

  • ...If you control agriculture, you control the populations of the world... (doc)

Bladderwrack is a safe alternative to GMO soy to support women's health.

Aspartame withdrawal and side effects explained - Here's how to protect yourself. (doc)

White House refuses to reveal ties with Monsanto.

  • ...Despite requests made under the Freedom of Information Act for correspondence out of the White House, the Obama administration is refusing to comply with calls to disclose discussions with Monsanto-linked lobbyists... (article)

Study: EPA-approved GMO insecticide responsible for killing off bees, contaminating entire food chain.

  • ...The research team also found neonicotinoid compounds in soil, including in fields where the chemicals were not even sprayed, as well as on various plants and flowers visited by bees... (12 - 3 - 4)

New Zeeland's Natural Health Products Bill, Government Bill, 324—1.

  • ...The greedy Codex Alimentarius group wants NZ to fine individuals $50,000 for making a cup of unapproved herbal tea... (12 - 3)

Just One of Monsanto's Crimes, Or Why We Can't Trust the EPA.

  • ...The EPA knew the truth about Monsanto's dioxin crimes, but it decided to hide it... (JOOMCOWWCTTE)

Monsanto and Big Tobacco Blamed for Birth Defects.

  • Monsanto, Philip Morris and other U.S. tobacco giants knowingly poisoned Argentinean tobacco farmers with pesticides, causing "devastating birth defects" in their children, dozens of workers claim in court... (MABTBFBD) (link)

Four dollars for a gallon of water? The dream of Monsanto and other corporations wanting to privatize water.

  • ...If Pickens, Monsanto and others have no one to sell the water to then they will give up. They are only in it for the money. No buyers means no profit. (article)

Farm group seeks U.S. halt on "dangerous" crop chemicals.

  • ..."The danger that 2,4-D and dicamba pose is a real threat to crops...nearly every food crop," said Steve Smith, director of agriculture at Red Gold, the world's largest canned tomato processor, and a leader of the Save Our Crops Coalition... (article) (article).

Monsanto and ArborGen set their sights on GM trees and grasses.

  • ...*Cryptococcus neoformans gattii, a yeast pathogen hosted by a variety of Eucalyptus species. It causes systemic fungal infections in humans, leading to fungal meningitis and death... (pdf)

Monsanto buys leading bee research firm after being implicated in bee colony collapse.

  • ...Monsanto to use Beeologics' 'biological tools' to develop more GMOs, crop chemicals... (pdf)

GMO alert: top 10 genetically modified foods to avoid eating. (pdf)

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas.

  • ...Since about 2006, Ventria has been quietly cultivating rice that has been genetically modified (GM) with genes from the human liver for the purpose of taking the artificial proteins produced by this "Frankenrice" and using them in pharmaceuticals. ... (pdf - pdf 1)

The People vs. Monsanto: How the lying giant prevailed (opinion) - ALOHA!

  • ...On Wednesday, April 25th, the hearing was held to label GMOs on Oahu...

France: Ban of MON 810 maize rejected by EU.

EFSA favors cultivation of Roundup Ready Soy in the EU.

  • ...The GE soy can currently be imported but not grown in the EU. But as a new legal dossier prepared on behalf of Testbiotech shows, the authorization as planned would violate existing EU law because residues remaining in the plants from spraying with the herbicide were not taken into account during risk assessment... (pdf)
  • Scientific Opinion on an application (EFSA-GMO-NL-2005-24) for the placing on the market of the herbicide tolerant genetically modified soybean 40-3-2 for cultivation under Regulation (EC) No 1829/2003 from Monsanto. (pdf)

Mom-Turned-Activist Launches National Movement to Boycott GMOs.

  • ...Having lost one child to disease, and with two daughters who were also suffering from health problems, Reeves became increasingly interested in the relationship between food and health...

Monsanto Protection Act to grant biotech industry total immunity over GM crops?

  • ...Authored by Congressmen and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and Related Agencies Jack Kingston (R-Ga.), the 2013 Agriculture Appropriations Bill rider, known as the "farmer assurance provision" (Section 733), specifically outlines that the Secretary of Agriculture will be required, upon request, to "immediately" grant temporary approval or deregulation of a GM crop, even if that crop's safety is in question or under review... (article)

US Supreme Court Takes Up Monsanto GMO Patent Challenge.

Organic farmers condemn U.S. report, claim it favors GMO.

  • ..."This proposal allows USDA and the agricultural biotechnology industry to abdicate responsibility for preventing GE contamination while making the victims of GE pollution pay for damages resulting from transgenic contamination,"... (article)

DuPont Pioneer bribes Ele'ele students with seed money.

  • ‘Ele‘ele Elementary School third-grade students came to thank Pioneer Hi-Bred for seed, and left the Waimea facility with seeds of their own on Friday... (article)

Survey Results: 50% Believe “Natural” Means No GMOs.

Monsanto seeks to take over Mexico's heartland.

  • ...Outrage and alarm rang out through Mexico when the world's two largest commercial seed companies, Monsanto and DuPont (whose seed business is known as DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.), and Dow AgroSciences (the world's 8th largest seed company) applied to the government for the planting of 2,500,000 hectares (more than 6 million acres) of transgenic maize in Mexico... (article) (article) (article)

Australian government caught spraying highly-dangerous, illegal chemicals on fragile wetlands.

  • AN ENVIRONMENTAL contractor claims Sunshine Coast council dumped him after he refused to treat aquatic weeds on sensitive dunal systems with a highly dangerous and illegal chemical cocktail... (article) (article)

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods.

  • ...There are four major GM crops: soy, corn, cotton, and canola... (article)




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Hi Victor

Lot of talk, -- no real action, -- that does not change much.

We do it the other way around: little talk, lot of action, -- and it works -- GM crops don't grow in Ireland, -- even the test crops failed, --  a tractor came one night and ploughed the whole crop under.hi hi, --

That put an end to that discussion.


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