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Hello Everyone,

Homeopathy existed before Dr Samuel Hahnemann. He observed and noted this phenomenon, and  after conducting experiments , life long .....and desirous to Construct a Medical System...which would be free of barbarism,materialism,side effects, negligence,and based on principles and proper methodology .

Methodology of knowing the sickness in whole extent.....the causes,mental ,social,suppressions etc.( this was not done by Medical system of that time.)

Methodology of knowing the medicine....How it alters our Health ? Vital force ...producing symptoms both objective and subjective and in different part of body.  The knowledge of this Pure symptomatology (free of speculations and guess work etc)...if observed in any patient due to infection,cancer or any other cause....we can prescribe the remedy which covers most of symptoms especially peculiar one.

It was his MISSION.....To make people live Healthy and free of disease ...and receieving care from a Good Natured Physician who believes to Cure and not speculate or make fool.

This same still alive in every senior and new coming generation of Homeopaths.

But with time.....There has been drastic development in MEDICAL SYSTEM......and Medical Politics....

There has been with time....many new Development in Homeopathy as well...Dr Hering introduced many remedies,likewise many new remedies were added to Our Materia medica and Repertories developed.

Various kind of approach in taking the case..also developed....and also many confusions....

But Mission was only one......

HWC gives me oppurtunity to interact,chat,share our experiences,and disscuss many controversial topics. to improve our methodology.

It give us chance to.....learn from...seniors and get new insight by budding Homeopaths too.

It give us chance to put limitation to our limits and increase the scope.....

One can be master in dealing with Neoplasm,one is master in dealing with serious disorders,emergency,one is confident in Psychiatry cases.....HWC Unite this scattered Masters.....with ONe MISSION....Mission with which Dr Hahnemann......fought against all odds..

Love to be On HWC......

Best Regard to every senior Homeopaths......past or live....your experience and contribution do matter lot to us all......



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Thank you for posting why you love to be a member of HWC. Truly we are a varied group coming together to promote homeopathy around the world, to share our thoughts, to discuss what is new and old, and to learn from each other.
Hi Piyush,

Nicely put.
Now always keep the Organon as a beacon, and the chaff can be separated from the corn with ease.
Dear Kaviraj sir,

I would do it for sure, Organon helps to tell me where i am wrong...i began to give as a dose six globules...but i realized that two globules were more than sufficient...

Organon helps me to minimise my errors....and stimulate me to study Materia medica...

Organon study alongwith lesser writings of Dr Hahnemann and Lesser writings of Boenninghausen give me more practical answers to lot of queries....

looking forward for more guidelines from that i can learn from your experience...

Best Regards
Simply impressive, to see younger generation to have such a mature thinking about Homeopathy and love for HWC.I have mentioned earlier also that it is a perfect meeting place for Homeopaths. Dr Piyush, I Hope to meet you more often, in this lovely community.
Dear Dr Sushil,

I love to be on HWC ....because i know i am not know all. I need guidance from different masters...and above all i simply feel ..feel good factor over here....

I too hope to meet you here more often...thanks for your supportive and good feelings.



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