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This case is of a three year old child during a regular patient follow up.

Generally a sweet and amiable child, she came on 15th Sept with her mother who explained that her daughter was complaining of rattling paroxysmal cough.


Child would not answer any questions.  Upon being requested to open mouth, she snapped back at her mother "Why should I?"  Coaxed her to open her mouth.  The coughing paroxysms were worse when sleeping and after eating.  Bedwetting present at night.  Sleeping decubitus was on abdomen.  Was sitting on mother's lap and insisted on being carried out of the clinic.


Gave her Cina and on September 17th and received a call from her mother that cough has reduced and on enquiring about temperament I was happy to hear that the normal cheerfulness returned.


Expecting to see the child for followup on 25th.


Till then Happy Homepathy precribing!

DEFINITION: Decubitus | Bedsores, more properly known as pressure ulcers or decubitus ulcers, are lesions caused by many factors such as: unrelieved pressure; friction; humidity; shearing forces; temperature; age; continence and medication; to any part of the body, especially portions over bony or cartilaginous areas such as sacrum, elbows, knees, and ankles.

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which potency you have prescribed??
I prescribed the 30c potency.
Good case.
I have seen Cina 200 working good in such cases.


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